Summer reading brook wood high school

1 January 2018

Slaves in ancient times were considered unmans, in contrast to the sass’s when slaves or Africans were consider sub humans, inferior to the white people. Http://WV;. Sledgehammer. Org/history- by-era/slavery-and-anti-slavery/resources/facts-about-slave-trade-and-slavery this website verifies the information talking about how slaves were trade across the Atlantic Ocean in horrible conditions.

Chose this section of the book because Mrs.. Smith from Ap world was the first person to explain that slaves are not just blacks but can be any race.Thomas Edison was an inventor that provided the basic foundation for genealogy that we still use today and improved on. Thomas Edison created the light bulb, phonograph, the movie camera and much more. These technologies like the light bulb are taken for granted because most of the world uses light from the basic light bulb, led, and flashlights. After numerous failures, Edison finally found the perfect material for the filament, thus replacing the lamps that used kerosene and oil .

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An additional source from http://www. Liveliness. Mom/43424-who-invented-the-light-bulb. HTML challenges who really created the light bulb stating that Edison is credited tit inventing the light bulb, but the article states long before Edison created commercially light bulbs, a man named Alexandra Volta developed the earliest forms of a light bulb. I picked this section because the technological advances Edison and Nikolas Tests allowed our world to have electricity. The rise of computers and the World Wide Web is one of the biggest technological breakthroughs of the 20th century.What was first used for research and communication among scientists soon became a personal appliance for everyone to use beginning with Apple Macintosh and IBM computers.

Then an array of computers companies starting making computers for personal use. The evolution of the internet started with dial up which would make a funny noise whenever someone tried to go online. Later came IDS or Broad band internet making life faster. Internet has an influence on everyone in the world excluding third world countries. Internet provides us with all most anything to music, online shopping, social media, news, and the list goes on.In a way internet has digitally connected the world smaller because we can communicate with other people in less than a second by instant messaging, email, and video chat. Http://nutshells.

Com/how-the- internet-influenced-our-life/ verifies that internet affects our lives but in a negative way. Selected this topic because I use the internet is now a part of my life and the culture in America. Movie summary 42 is a movie focused on baseball and the segregation laws that separated blacks from playing baseball with white people. The owner of dodgers, Branch Rocky, wanted to change the game of baseball by breaking the color barrier.Rocky told his scouts to look for the right player, and they eventually found Jackie Robinson and brought him in his office to give him an opportunity to play for the Montreal Royals, the minor league team. But Branch Rocky told Jackie Robinson if he wanted to play he need the guts not to fight back, because people from the opposing team and the audiences would be against him. After a great season with the minor league team, Jackie Robinson Was brought up to play in major leagues, but the players on the dodgers are in opposition and petition not play unless Jackie does not play with them.

Eventually the manger Leo Drencher insists that Jackie will play with them, and there are more African Americans coming to play in the near true. During the season, Jackie faces segregation and discrimination, such as not being allowed to stay in certain hotels, racist comments by opposing teams and audiences, being thrown bean balls to his head, and being spiked by cleats. By the end of the season the most of the team worked together to play with Jackie and won enough games to win the pennant which allowed the team to go to World Series. Questions Why did Breach Rocky want to bring a blacks person in baseball?

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