Sunday Morning

12 December 2018

The alarm clock pierced my ears as I slowly inched my way out of bed and into my church clothes. After a short breakfast, I was on my way to church at 8 A.M. I was anxious to start my first day as the 3-year old Sunday school teacher.

Never would I see myself teaching a cluster of 3-year old kids. Why did I even agree to take this job? I could have just gone to church every Sunday like any normal Lutheran. But I had made a decision and I was going to stick to it.

Sunday Morning Essay Example

After setting up the chairs, marking the page in the bible where we would read, setting up the crayons, and getting out the kids’ name tags, it was finally time to start the day. It did not start well. As I expected, the kids began to cry at the thought of leaving their parents for a whole hour.

After all the parents had fled the scene, the kids grew up and stopped sobbing. The problem was they started their kicking and yelling next. After music, snacks and craft time it was finally time to read out of the Bible just for kids. However, there were no kids yelling or screaming, kicking or crying, but rather an interested look on their faces. I made my decision right then that I would stick with this difficult task.

The next week not one kid cried, and just about every one of them new my name. To this day I look back at how this experience changed my life and led me down the path of hard work that I am currently on.

I use this stubborn attitude of hard, tedious work throughout my entire education to achieve an honest 3. 82 G.P.A. However, I not only stride to achieve my academic goals but I will also help those around me just like the 3-year olds at my church. I am positive that my academic goals and achievements will continue to excel at UW-Madison.

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