Sunlight and Concave Mirror for Cooking Essay Sample

The research workers thought of seeking to come up with a stopgap solar cooker in order to prove if this manner of cookery may be effectual and utile in replacing for a sauteing pan and a range. The solar cooker may be a possible option when cooking out-of-doorss under the heat of the Sun. It could besides be a immense energy rescuer and a safer manner of cookery. avoiding jeopardies such as Burnss. The research workers have picked the safest and easiest process and stuffs in doing a solar cooker so that adolescents or even people younger may seek doing it themselves. The first measure in doing the solar cooker was happening the right stuffs. This included a long narrow box. posting board. a axial rotation of foil. Ice lolly sticks. composition board and barbeque sticks. Since the focal point needed to be someplace in between 5” to 10” . one box was placed on top of another box of the same length and breadth. Ice lolly sticks were taped to the interiors of the box as support. The focal point was set and a piece of posting board. measured to suit in the center of the box was placed at that place. The foil was so placed on top of the posting board. doing certain it was non every bit furrowed as possible. It was placed in the heat of the Sun and there was a certain topographic point where the visible radiation hit.

Two pieces of composition board were taped to the sides of the topographic point and the barbeque stick with a whole piece of hot dog was placed where the visible radiation hit. The solar cooker with the hot dog was left under the sun’s heat while the research workers watched if it would work. It took about 20-25 proceedingss before the hot dog was cooked. The research workers so tried to cut another piece of hot dog into smaller pieces to see if it would decrease the clip being consumed. It took about 15-20 proceedingss in cooking the smaller pieces. Lesser clip was consumed in cooking the smaller pieces compared to cooking the whole piece. The solar cooker had worked. though after two tests of cooking the hot dog. the foil became a spot oily due to the oils coming from the hot dog.

The research workers have concluded that the stopgap solar cooker they have come up with plants and may so be utile when cooking out-of-doorss. It’s cheap. overall since the stuffs used were non costly and portable because it’s non a fuss conveying it anyplace sing it isn’t bulky and is really light. It’s easy to do with the simplest stuffs which can be bought largely from any food market or supplies store. There are some disadvantages though. This type of solar cooker is clip devouring. particularly nutrients such as hot dog or likewise. So if you are functioning a batch of hungry and impatient people. utilizing the solar cooker are non the best agencies of cooking. But if by opportunity the cookery range at place tallies out of gas or interrupt down. the solar cooker may be considered an option.

We would wish to thank Mr. Vincent Sabong. our Physics facilitator. for giving us an chance to work on an Investigatory Project that enabled us to heighten our accomplishments in the different Fieldss of Science and in readying for our incoming enterprises. In line with this. we would besides wish to thank Mikaela Franchesca Pamatmat’s parents for leting us to develop our Investigatory Project at their house. And above all. we are most thankful to God. the heavenly Father. for blessing us with the proper mentality and for steering us throughout this undertaking.
Table of Contentss

* Abstract
I * Acknowledgement two * Rationale I * Method/Procedure II * Results and Discussion III * Conclusion IV * Recommendation V * Bibliography ( References ) VI

I. Rationale
* The research workers arrived at this sort of job faltering upon the subject of solar power and how much heat the sun’s beams can bring forth. * The research workers. as a group think that this is of large significance since planetary heating is so a serious job in the universe. in line with this. use of energy is one of the factors that concerns this. and as pupils. look intoing on this may be a manner of assisting out. They besides thought that this would be a merriment and advanced experience particularly since this is non something you see or do every twenty-four hours. * Problem: Can we cook nutrient by utilizing a mirror and sunshine? * Hypothesis:

* H1: If heat is produced once the sun’s beams are reflected through the mirror to the nutrient attempted to be cooked. so we can cook nutrient utilizing a mirror and sunshine. * H2: If the heat coming from the Sun is non plenty as compared to the heat coming from the gas scope or electric range. so we can non cook nutrient utilizing merely a mirror and sunshine. * OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY:

* The researchers’ chief aim is to be able to come up with a successful probe and turn out that it is so possible to cook utilizing simply a mirror and sunshine. Energy deficit is a large issue in our state right now and monetary values are increasing as the old ages go by. Conducting this survey may besides take to detecting and introducing new ways on how to conserve energy. specifically when it comes to cooking nutrient. since nutrient is one of the things wherein we use our electricity for the most. Peoples use electricity for our microwaves. electric ranges. oven wassailers. rice cookers. java machines. and so much more. * SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY:

* If by opportunity their job is solved and the result is a success. it could be of great importance to the school. more so. the community. For the school. the survey would assist in doing pupils more cognizant of energy preservation and how they excessively can assist out in cut downing their C footmark. For the community. this could pave the manner to no more energy deficits or blackouts. Everyone. from the upper category to the in-between category. and particularly the less fortunate can profit from this. There will be times when the range will run out of gas or the wassailer and micro-cook won’t work. this can ever be an alternate. For those who don’t have this engineering or live in developing countries. they can utilize this as a make-shift cooker. You non merely salvage up. and avoid emphasis of seeing high payables on your monthly electric measure. but you are able to partake in seeking to decrease. if non halt. the effects of planetary heating.

Review of Related Literature and Surveies
* Sunlight. in the wide sense. is the entire frequence spectrum of electromagnetic radiation given off by the Sun. peculiarly infrared. seeable. and ultraviolet visible radiation. On Earth. sunshine is filtered through the Earth’s ambiance. and solar radiation is obvious as daytime when the Sun is above the skyline. * When the direct solar radiation is non blocked by clouds. it is experienced as sunlight. combination of bright visible radiation and beaming heat. When it is blocked by the clouds or reflects off of other objects. it is experienced as diffused visible radiation. * The spectrum of the Sun’s solar radiation is near to that of a black organic structure with a temperature of about 5. 800K. The Sun emits EM radiation across most of the electromagnetic spectrum. Although the Sun produces Gamma rays as a consequence of the atomic merger procedure. these ace high energy photons are converted to take down energy photons before they reach the Sun’s surface and are emitted out into infinite. As a consequence. the Sun doesn’t give off any gamma beams.

The Sun does. nevertheless. breathe X-rays. UV. seeable visible radiation. infrared. and even wireless moving ridges. When ultraviolet radiation is non absorbed by the ambiance or other protective coating. it can do harm to the tegument known as tan or trigger an adaptative alteration in human tegument pigmentation. * A mirror is an object that reflects visible radiation or sound in a manner that preserves much of its original quality prior to its contact with the mirror. The most familiar type is the plane mirror. which has a level surface. Curved mirrors are besides normally used to bring forth exaggerated or diminished images or concentrate light or merely falsify the reflected image. Mirrors are normally used for personal training. ornament or architecture. These are besides used in scientific setup such as telescopes. cameras and industrial machinery. Most mirrors are designed for seeable visible radiation. However. mirrors designed for other types of moving ridges or other wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation are besides used. particularly in non-optical instruments. * A sun-deprived small town in the Italian Alps has come up with a fresh solution to repair certain jobs in their community by put ining a elephantine mirror.

The mirror – an eight-by-five metre ( 26x16ft ) sheet of steel – was placed on a nearby extremum to reflect sunlight onto their chief square below. The computer-operated mirror will now invariably follow the sun’s way. * Does sunlight reflected off a mirror addition the temperature of the sun’s rays? It depends. A standard planar mirror will non increase the energy contained in the beams that reflect off it. In fact. there will be some loss of energy since the brooding surface is non perfect. There is some decrease in the light’s strength as it passes through the mirror’s glass and reflects off the backup surface. Parabolic mirrors. on the other manus. focal point and concentrate the light beams on a individual point in forepart of the mirror. competently named the focal point. Although the energy is non amplified. it will be efficaciously increased because of the linear consequence that will ensue when the light energy is concentrated.

To clear up. the “rays” of the Sun. i. e the photons ( energy ) . do non hold any temperature at all. they interact with affair and heat the affair up. * A solar cooker. or solar oven. is a device which uses the energy of sunshine to heat nutrient or drink to cook it or sterilise it. High-tech versions like electric ovens and powered solar cells have some advantages such as being able to work in diffuse visible radiation. Because solar cookers do non utilize fuel and does non be a thing to run. many non-profit organisations are advancing their usage worldwide to assist cut down fuel costs for low-income people. cut down air pollution and slow deforestation and desertification. caused by usage of firewood for cooking. Solar cookery is a signifier of out-of-door cookery and is frequently used in state of affairss where minimum fuel ingestion is of import. or the danger of inadvertent fires is high.

II. Method/Procedure
* Select a long narrow box ; the longer the box the more heat aggregation is possible. Choose a focal length between 5” and 10” and plan a parabolic curve as seen in the image. One templet could be used for all the cookers. Trace the curve on the unfastened terminal of the box so that it is centered and straight. * Cut out the curve with a public-service corporation knife. Stress the importance of being exact. Measure and cut a piece of posting board that will repair flower against the gap to the box. Attach this with tape get downing at the centre and working toward to borders. * Cover the curve with white gum and use aluminium foil glistening side out. Start in the center and smooth toward the borders. Try non to purse or turn up the foil ; you want it every bit smooth as possible. * Use two garbages of composition board taped to each side as supports. Using the Sun or a projector visible radiation. prove the focal point. There should be a bright topographic point where visible radiation is concentrated ; grade this topographic point and clout a hole for the skewer. Use a subdivision of a coat hanger from which the pigment has been removed for a skewer. * Enjoy your hot dog!

Materials| Quantity|
Cardboard paper| 1 roll|
Aluminum foil| 1 roll|
Barbecue stick| 1|
Poster board| 1|
Popsicle stick| 2|
Shoe box| 2|
Time Table
Date| Accomplished|
June – July 2012| Planning and coming up with a problem| July 24. 2012| Approval of Problem|
August 01. 2012| Submission of Phase I|
October 6. 2012| Collection and Completion of the Solar Cooker ;
Experimentation| Budget Item| Quantity| Price|

Cardboard paper| 1 roll| 10 pesos|
Aluminum foil| 1 roll| 20 pesos|
Barbecue stick| 1| 2 pesos per stick|
Poster board| 1 roll| 10 pesos|
Popsicle stick| 2| 5 pesos per stick|
Shoe box| 2| 20 esos|

III. Results and Discussion

| Hotdog cooked whole| Hotdog cooked in smaller pieces|
Under sunlight| 20-25 minutes| 15-20 minutes|
Not under sunlight| It will non be cooked| It will non be cooked|

In utilizing the make-shift solar cooker. the sunshine is the most indispensable variable needed in doing the experiment a success. The visible radiation that comes from the Sun reflected on the foil of the solar cooker produces the heat for the hot dog to cook. The hot dog cooked as a whole took about 20-25 proceedingss while when cut into smaller pieces. it took 15-20 proceedingss.

IV. Decision
The research workers have concluded that the stopgap solar cooker they have come up with plants and may so be utile when cooking out-of-doorss. It is easy to do but at the same clip besides clip devouring. Based on the consequences and treatment. a whole hot dog cooked under the sunshine will be ready to eat in 20-25 proceedingss. while a hot dog cut into smaller pieces will be cooked and ready to eat in 15-20 proceedingss. Hotdogs that are non cooked under the sunshine have no opportunity of being cooked at all. The visible radiation that comes from the Sun is the important ingredient for the make-shift solar cooker to be able to cook nutrient. It reflects off to the foil of the solar cooker and gives the heat needed to be able to cook nutrient.

V. Recommendation

Food is one of the basic demands of a human being and most nutrient requires cooking with fire. In most families. cooking ranges. microwaves or ovens are frequently used. But unluckily there are times when these contraptions deem unavailable or faulty. Because of this. the research workers thought of another manner to cook nutrient in instance of inaccessibility of usual cookery contraptions. The research workers recommend the make-shift solar cooker as an alternate manner to cook your favourite repasts. It can be fast and easy to run with the aid of the visible radiation from the Sun. Cook and have fun now!

VI. Bibliography ( mentions )

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