Super Bass by Nicki Minaj

11 November 2018

Want some catchy sing while you are having a falling-in-love feeling? Then, Super Bass, a song/video from the Trinidadian singer, Nicki Minaj, is for you!

I really like the positivity of the song and the catchy “boom, baboom, boom, boom, baboom, boom, bass.” Another plus point that the song got from me was that it was fun and easy to dance with it. The song has a happy beat and it describes one girl’s feelings for the boy she admires. The song is so good and I just can’t stop listening to it – I am listening to it while I am typing this review and I would probably stop listening to it when my laptop dies.

Another thing that flatters me was the colorful and happy video. It wasn’t the emo type videos of black. I don’t hate the color black but black is, definitely, not the only color in the world. The choreography for the chorus part of the song is a good thing for me. The Harajuku Barbie doesn’t look trying hard in the choreography, which is so “wow!” If there is one thing I didn’t like in the video, it’s the last part where women are lap dancing men. I don’t like it not because of the sexual appearance but because it was the ending and it’s dark. It was like, “I was colorful but in the end, I’m dark. I was happy now I’m not.”

But over-all, the song and the video are both good – and I can’t get it out of my head.

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