Super Junior’s Super Show

2 February 2017

I really really can’t believe it, and this is more than heaven. Another member passed by near where we’re standing, and I screamed, “Yesung! he looked back, and did what we want him to, he threw his towel to me! I got it, but before I knew it, there were so many hands who tried to steal the towel from me! I thought of having wounds on my hand. Finally, it was just the two of us who literally had a tug of war with the towel. Unluckily, the fan’s friend helped her, and it slipped on my hand.

The towel is now her property. I was disappointed, but still I was lucky Yesung stared at and intently threw the towel to me. So many things happened during the concert, I cried like someone has passed away, but it was tears of joy.Seeing them perform in front of me is the best thing that has happened to my life. I saw my idol cry, in turn, I cried too. I had my eyes on him alone the whole time. And the thing I will never forget, seeing Choi Siwon’s abs! He went shirtless and it was epic.

Super Junior’s Super Show Essay Example

Then it was their last words and thanks to those who came to the concert. Henry Lau saidI wanna be with them forever. I got out of the venue in a flash and hurried to the West Gate, I waited for the van to leave. I saw Ms. Happee Sy, some policemen, bouncers and security guards. The gate finally opened, their van was 1 step away from me and I waved goodbye to them. Heechul waved back! I know he can see me and I can see his iPhone too waving goodbye at me! I was really happy that night, that 3 members actually noticed me, although it was not what I expected.

My expectation is for Kyuhyun to see me, badly, he didn’t even get a glimpse of me.I understand, and I was deeply sorry for myself. “Better luck next time Kristine” I went home tired, exhausted, sleepy, hungry and thirsty. Super Junior took away my energy, it was worth the wait, worth the money, worth everything! I looked at the photos I took and overall, to sum it up, was a failure. Most of them are blurry. Well how can I focus when I’m spazzing, screaming, crying and watching all 10 perform? Before I sleep, I already have plans for their next concert, Super Show 4

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