Superfreakonomics Paper Essay Sample

9 September 2017

To be wholly honest. when I foremost signed up for the class entitled ‘AP Macroeconomics. ’ I truly had no thought what the ‘macro’ in the word meant. Of class I knew the significance of economics—it’s everyplace in these seeking times of the economic system. plus. it was a vocab word in in-between school. Now that I’ve read Super Freakonomics. I have an apprehension of what the prefix in the word really means and I find it interesting. possibly even a hereafter calling option. or major in college. This book made me believe in different ways. ways that I ne’er imagined to believe of earlier ; in one manner. I may even state it changed my life in opening my head to different mentalities on legion subjects such as harlotry and life insurance. to utilizing place belts and doing certain your physician has washed his custodies before that checkup—even the manner money affects human ( or possibly monkeys ) life style.

Even the small statistics that made me raise my superciliums in confusion. daze such as it being safer to drive rummy than walk rummy. this book went everyplace. It made me maintain inquiring what all of this had to make with the AP category I’d be taking following year—but now I see. Before I read this book. my sentiment on many of the issues taken into history were slightly different and though my sentiments may hold remained the same in a manner. my head is now unfastened to the other sentiments or facts of others. This assignment is based on conveying my sentiment of the issues brought up in this book. and I intend on it making so.

Like most adult females of this twenty-four hours and age. I do non stand for any kind of debasement or male chauvinist comments. attitudes. gestures of our gender. The first chapter in this novel is entitled. ‘How is a Street Prostitute like a Department-Store Santa? ’ and the first clip I read that. I had a feeling this book wasn’t traveling to precisely be what I thought it was—another deadening AP Summer assignment book with a drilling undertaking due on the first day—well. I was decidedly right. it was non deadening. At first. I was confused as of how all of this would bind into macroeconomic. but to my surprise. it did so. Now as I said in the first sentence of this paragraph. it would be easy to presume that I am against harlotry. and you’re right. I am.

It wasn’t until I read the last few pages of chapter 1 about a adult female named Allie who happened to be a successful concern adult female who turned to harlotry for some excess money. and even when that was over. she went back to college to go an economic expert that my sentiment may hold shifted somewhat. From this chapter I’ve learned that even harlotry involves much economic sciences into the procedure of acquiring money and being intelligent to make so would assist. Though my sentiment of harlotry remains the same—it is wrong—I was surprised by the manner adult females such as Allie handled through it. and was happy with the result. Chapter 2 besides made my head. my sentiment wander such as through narratives. facts. and statistics. It was entitled. ‘Why Should Suicide Bombers Buy Life Insurance? ’

Think about it: who would believe a terrorist would pass money to purchase life insurance if he was merely to decease merely hebdomads subsequently? Not many. And this is precisely why 1 should buy life insurance to acquire the federal authorities off of his dorsum ; it would confound the authorities into believing there’s no manner he could be a terrorist! It’d be a win. win. for the bad cat sing his household would besides be having money after the concern had been done.

This chapter practically gives tips on how to be a good terrorist without anyone happening out about you. Terrorism is a chilling thing that seems to be ne’er stoping in our universe today. and though I wish it would stop. possibly even peace overcome it. it’s inevitable. This chapter does demo a good point though. if one was to kill himself anyhow. might every bit good be able to give his household money afterwards. rectify? The economic expert whom was able to make a system to seek and catch terrorists before they commit to anything. had good purposes. but even with 99 per centum truth. it wasn’t good plenty. That besides astonished me… 99 per centum? If it were me make up one’s minding whether or non to utilize this equipment. I’d believe this to be a immense achievement and those one per centum of people who were accidently considered terrorists shouldn’t be offended—we’re merely seeking to do America safer—right?

In all honestness. I’d love to see myself an selfless individual. but so once more. I think of the existent ground I’m doing—helping out at an carnal shelter. cleaning up our local nature preserve. volunteering around our community as a whole—I love assisting others. but carry throughing all of these things gives me that warm. fuzzy. feeling inside because I chose to make it for the benefit of myself. non others. So though I do enjoy assisting others. is it genuinely to assist them. or my ain self-importance. mentality. scruples? In the 3rd chapter entitled ‘Unbelievable Narratives about Apathy and Altruism. ’ the first narrative is about a adult female viciously murdered by her flat and no 1 about ; none of the legion informants did anything to assist this adult female. or to halt what was traveling on.

This sickens me. If one was to even assist out in this state of affairs. I wouldn’t even see it selfless ; I’d see it a moral responsibility. Unfortunately. I do non believe in anyone being merely selfless. every bit much as I want to. and it’s sad. Worlds are selfish animate beings. In this chapter. the writers write about an experiment done in a lab to see if selflessness really did be by playing a game with money ( a individual was given a certain sum of money in which they had to divide with person else ) . The mean sum of money given away was 20 per centum of their ain. and although the scientists believe this to be an illustration of selflessness. I have to differ. I believe the people did that since it wasn’t their ain money to pass in the first place—they hadn’t earned the money themselves. they were merely having it. so why non give some off? Besides. it would do themselves experience a small spot better ; acquiring free money. it’s merely just to portion some. rectify? Their scruples came into drama.

‘The Fix is in—and it’s Cheap and Simple’ was what the following chapter was entitled. Even the first few sentences in this chapter made me believe otherwise ; I’m normally stating how much I wished I lived in another decade—the 1960ss and 1970ss to be exact ; it seemed more unworried. more merriment and exciting with better music to exceed it all off. Reading the beginning of this chapter made me recognize. yes. there may hold been better music at that clip. but would it truly be so much better? Crime rate was highly higher with income. instruction. transit. wellness highly lower. Possibly this decennary isn’t every bit bad as I thought it to be? The following portion of this chapter brings in doctor’s who were evidently excessively lazy to assist salvage a life. though they were seeing approximately 100 patients per displacement. The ground I say this is because many doctor’s. largely back so. didn’t wash their custodies traveling from patient to patient and more than frequently brought sources with him to each and every following patient he saw.

This caused more jobs including the ill-famed puerperal fever—solely because doctor’s refused to rinse their custodies. Apparently they’d be passing more clip over the sink than salvaging lives—boy. were they incorrectly. Equally shortly as the thought spread to rinse custodies before each patient and some doctor’s began making so. the febrility began to diminish demoing Semmelweis ( the physician who had figured out the job distributing this disease ) was right. A survey even showed that bacteriums on doctor’s custodies are more than the bacteriums in refuse. or gall. Even though the reply to repairing a immense quandary such as a disease spreading was merely to rinsing custodies. some doctor’s refused to make so ; yet another illustration of non being selfless. non paying attending to hygiene. and being lazy from human existences. Just retrieve following clip you have to see a physician. he has washed his custodies.

So. ‘What do Al Gore and Mount Pinatubo have in Common? ’ No. this is non another pathetic gag found on a Popsicle stick ; it’s the name of Chapter 5 in Super Freakonomics. The reply. you ask? They’ve both attempted in stoping planetary heating ( even though Mount Pinatubo was somewhat more natural and non planned out ) . Until I read these concluding pages of this novel. I ever believed in planetary heating being the most of import issue that should work out and rapidly. I guess I truly hadn’t known that much about it beside the result of animate beings losing their home ground and death. going closer and closer to extinction. ( I’m a chump for animals. )

I think it’s eldritch how we all know of the planetary issue of warming. but seldom of all time hear of planetary cooling—I thought that was merely a myth created by Fox News! Although this chapter negotiations about Al Gore. person I’ve looked up to since I was a child. as a individual who doesn’t truly cognize what he’s speaking about and exaggerates as a fright maneuver to assist the environment. I really still see planetary heating as an utmost importance that needs to be fixed. Thank goodness I’ve read this book though ; now I know that it isn’t those excess stat mis I drove to take the long manner place. it’s what I’ve been eating! Bing enlightened with facts such as this ( that meat production is the most utmost manner to add to planetary heating ) . it has made me recognize that eating so much ruddy meat isn’t so necessary. and I’m going closer and closer to going a vegetarian.

Over all. this fresh decidedly sits on the book shelf along with my other favourite books. I’d recommend it to anyone ; I’d even consider re-reading it. Now. the epilogue of this fresh truly is what had me believing. though. Those scientists who taught the monkeys how to utilize a money system to have dainties and such ( even harlotry finally ) were genius. It truly captured how the money system may be what causes so much corruptness and offense in our society. After reading the last subdivision of this book. I thought traveling back to olden times where the swap system was the manner to have the demands of life may really be the manner to go—but so once more. you shouldn’t kick about the present because the past isn’t truly all that better. right?

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