Superhero and Role Model

Superheroes are created for people to imagine the impossible and to think that there could be a person that spectacular in the world that they can look up to. However not all superheroes pose as good models for children in all things that they do to help society.

Captain America, however, is an exceptional example of what a good superhero should be like. He is a positive role model for others, especially children, because he has never given up for what he believes in, he has good morals, and he has pure intentions for the actions that he plays out.As I looked up information about Captain America, I noticed that he has never given up on a fight or cause that he believed in. He kept working hard through good times and bad in order to try to accomplish what he set his mind to. Even if the results were not always what he wanted, he kept on pursuing on what he believed in. This is a good attribute to display as an example for others and kids. It allows others to want to believe in themselves and push themselves to the end to succeed and fight for what they want in their lives and others lives.

Every time Captain America steps into a fight, he fights with honor, courage, and integrity. This portrays how he depicts the superhero with the best moral mindset. Morals are things that have been lacking American people in the past few years. I believe that most have forgotten who they are and who they represent. However throughout his superhero career, Captain America never forgot he was and what his morals stood for.In numerous situations he declined multiple opportunities to become the leader of America or the leader of another society. He usually became very tempted by these offers, however he always took a step back and tried to remember who he was and what he stood for.

His morals and code of ethics is something that people should look to emulate. Captain America is not one of those superheroes who kills or destroys people of things without thinking about it. He only does what he has to when he is put in a certain situation.He has pure intentions for everything that he does and does not do it out of hate or revenge. This portrays an attitude that everyone should possess. Most people perform actions that are not so great because they feel like they have to because others are doing it, or someone has done something to make them mad and want revenge. By using Captain America as a role model, people can start to perform actions out of pure intentions and not just because that’s what they feel like they should do.

This would allow for people to take a step back from a situation and think, β€œIs this what I really should do? ” or, β€œIs this really what would fix my problem? ”. All in all, Captain America portrays himself as an exceptional role model for others for many reasons. He represents what the ideal superhero should act and be like. In a society that is full of crimes and hate throughout it, Captain America provides a last resort for people to look to for what their lives or society could be and act like.

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