Superhero Glamour

9 September 2016

Superheroes have been around for several of years providing people with a sense of relief from everyday problems. Superman, who is known as a superhero, has been the biggest hit in the movie industry since Titanic came out. However, what is a cinematic hero and who can be one. A cinematic hero is a person who usually possesses a depicted trait common to the notion of hero. He or she usually has emotional, physical, and moral strength as well as optimism and luck.

Robert B. Ray looks at the way’s films have treated different characters as heroes. Heroes may be on both sides of the law. However, there are official heroes and outlaw heroes. The outlaw hero tends to represent a person who does not, for the most part feel comfortable in society and therefore, takes the law into his or hers’ own hands. Official heroes, on the other hand, symbolize adulthood and somewhat confident in society in which they make sacrifices for what they believe in.

Superhero Glamour Essay Example

Linda Seager, “Creating a Myth” defines how characters are created based on archetypes. However, most heroes are introduced as having a humble beginning until a devastating accident happens that begins the story. Therefore, the hero is transformed into an extraordinary person who over comes the obstacles required to achieve his or hers’ goal. Superheroes have extraordinary powers and a second identity; however cinematic heroes are a type of screen character with a solid name, such as Harry Potter, James Bond and Luke Skywalker.

But then again Super heroes have started on Comics Books and therefore, are archetypes of today. What is glamour, and what comes to mind. Glamour is defined as emotion rather than beauty or luxury. When the audience’s dreams permit an emotional response is produced, which then is projected into glamour it’s self. Superheroes attract so many people because of their emotional appeal as well as their astonishing powers and capabilities. However, he or she might project glamour as an actress or supermodel, walking on the red carpet wearing the latest clothing designs.

However, it is not just their looks and capabilities, but it is their adventures and the battle’s they fight. As Virgina Postrel said, “ The real-world audience, by contrast, get’s a glimpse behind the mask, a chance to identify with character and to experience glamour once removed and to imagine what it would be like to be glamorous”, (13). Therefore, he or she who watches’ their favorite superhero get’s a sense of what it would be like to be a superhero. Overall Superheroes are the heroes of today providing us with a sense of heroism as well as glamour.

These heroes have a past, which are not revealed to us, and therefore, has driven them to become the heroes of today. The settings for the audience in these movies are essential because everyone can relate to the environment persuaded in the story. Batman, for example has been around for several years. Bruce Wayne, who is known as the black night and a millionaire philanthropist, is a normal human being who decided to become a hero. However, when Bruce was young he witnessed his parents get murdered.

Therefore, Alfred, the family’s butler, raised him. Haunted by his parent’s death, Bruce now dedicated his life to crime fighting. With the inheritances of money and technology from his parents, he has trained and learned many different skills. Batman has ultimately altered his life from his family’s death. Therefore, he is a hero of today. What makes him unique is that he is a normal person, and a hero within. Here is an excerpt according to E. Paul Zehr, who is a professor at the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Although the man behind Batman’s mask it just a regular person, it’s unlikely that an average person would have the genes, money and training to reach his superhero status”. Therefore, he has an exception that a hero is unlikely an average person, but someone with the correct genes as well as necessary assets. As a result, glamour is highly represented with batman. However, Spiderman was a normal high school kid who was experimenting with radiation in science class when a spider was radiated and bit him, which then gave him the strength and abilities of a spider.

Also he is acknowledged for his inventions of web shooters, which he could swing from place to place. However, Batman was rich and Spiderman was poor, and rented a poorly constructed apartment. In conclusion both Batman and Spiderman were closer in comparison. They were both raised in a same manner of each other while dealing with the death of their family members. Also their apathy and glamour is highly represented as well. What is well noted is that they both have a symbol on their chest and never die. On the other hand there is Ironman.

Ironman, just like Batman was born wealthy, highly intelligent, lost both parents, fights crimes and leads a life of solitude and self-hatred. However, there is the flip side of Ironman’s personal motivation. He spent a lifetime revelling in his precedent before becoming Ironman, but soon afterwards he found his true awakening in life to protect and serve the people to great lengths to let his enemies know that this was the beginning. As a result both Stark and Wayne lead a life of deliverance while both their enemies tried to break them and exploit their weaknesses.

When comparing and contrasting, glamour is put fourth because we need both types to be able to learn from each other, seeking ways to both enjoy the way we want, and play the way we want and also be protected when we need to be. As Kirstin Vander Giessen-Reitsma say’s,” In spite of holes in the overarching themes of the story, Iron Man is still a well-constructed film that strikingly honors the visual culture from which it emerges and draws out significant threads for reflection. “The theme is the image of America abroad, whether we’re to be regarded as peacekeepers or ‘merchants of death,’ even whether one necessarily entails the other,”(7).

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