6 June 2019

Most boys grow up with dreams of being a superhero– a paragon of wonder and virtue, with extraordinary powers used to save the world. I suppose I was not much different; but instead of a cape, I wanted scrubs, and instead of super-strength or the ability to fly, I wanted the power of scientific and medical knowledge. As a child, nothing seemed as exhilarating as slicing and stitching, nor as awe-inspiring as understanding the human body, its structure and function. I could only hope to one day look inside of a head, to examine the brain, and to understand how it works, allowing us to think, move, speak, see, feel, and live. Then I would combine intellect with innovation, facts and theories with the hands-on art of a scalpel, and I would learn to heal others. Yes, I wanted to be a superhero– I wanted to be a surgeon.

However, like the best of heroes, I, too, would have an alter ego. I love the logic and objectivity of mathematics and science, puzzles that when worked through explain the natural universe, but there is also much more that sustains me intellectually. I have a strong passion for foreign language, a way to open doors to distant worlds, a tool that I use to interact and expand my connection to other cultures. I am a writer, inspired by what surrounds me, eager to communicate my perspective to others and let my imagination grow. I am somebody whose interest is captivated by social sciences and learning about the society in which I live, as I find a sense of identity while becoming a more informed and engaged member of the community. In addition, I find Talmud to be an enriching and stimulating exercise, and I take great pride in surmounting the challenge of analyzing complex texts and philosophies.

Superhero Essay Example

So how do I explore all that fascinates me? The answer seems clear. Cornell University’s College of Arts and Sciences is an institution that will afford me the privilege of being in an academic environment in which I will grow and thrive as I surround myself with brilliant minds and indulge each nuance of my varied interests with a strong liberal arts education. Moreover, the Biology and Society major is an unrivaled match for me, an individual drawn to interdisciplinary subjects, who is hooked on a career in the operating room, yet wishes to go even further. I hope to never lose sight of my creativity and my appetite for profound conversation due to years of solely staring through microscopes and making incisions; rather, as I dive into the study of living things, I want to translate my education into a practical context for the modern world in which life truly exists. Thus, my education will be more than a collection of facts. It will be applicable in multifaceted ways, it will guide my through professional and personal endeavors, and it will, absolutely, transform my childhood dream of being a superhero, into my reality.

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