Supersize Me Answers

9 September 2016

He visited a cardiologist, gastroenterologist, and general practitioner. 2. He has very good blood levels and is very healthy. 3. His starting weigh is 84. 2 kg and his pecentage of fatness is 11%. 4. There are 83 McDonald’s in Manhattan. 5. His girlfrieng is a vegetarian coocker. 6. His first meal is a double quarter pounds with cheese (super size). 7. He feels sick with stomachacke and starts sweating after eating his first super size meal. Then he throws up the food. 8. “Toxic environment” is the one that is created by being a lot of junk food restaurants. 9. They will develop diabetes.

He is getting 5. 000 calories after 5 days on the McDonald’s diet. 11. The chicken McNugets are made by mixing diferent parts of a chicken with a mass. 12. All first graders recognize Ronal McDonald. (The clown that represents the McDonald) 13. The fattest state is Texas, especifically Houston. 14. A calorie is the energy 15. He isn’t healthy because he had really high levels of cholesterol and if he doesn’t stop that diet can be very dangerous for his life, 16. A gastic-bypass is a surgery that is made for reducing the size of the stomach and in that way, reduce the weigh of a person.

Supersize Me Answers Essay Example

They recommend him to stop the diet as soon as he can because it can be very dangerous for his life. 18. His finally weigh is 95 kg. 19. As a result of the court case, McDonal’d received two lawsuits against their food and tokk away the ‘supersize’ size. 20. I sometimes eat a pizza at home but I don’t usually buy fast food on my own. I think that fast food should be retired from the market because it has no benefits for the people that consume it because it can be extremely dangerous for their health.

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