Superstitious Stevie Wonder Josh Beck

3 March 2018

In terms of the dynamics of the song, Wonder’s version has a softer, funkier mound to it. The drums of the beat are minimal and hide in the background, but support the song enough to carry the electric guitar and the horns. As for Beck’s version, you immediately hear the hardness Of the electric guitar being accompanied by the drums. Because of the heavy guitar played in the song, you almost get the impression that the song is louder and more chaotic than Wonder’s laid back, funky version.Also, I noticed that in Beck’s version that towards the end of the song, he has an amazing guitar solo and just about at he very end a drum solo, while around the same time length for Wonder’s song, he stuck with vocals till almost the end of the song. Next, it isn’t very hard to notice that both Beck and Wonder have very different singing voices and singing styles between them.

After all, Wonder is known for his incredible R&B vocals while Beck is best known to be one of the more influential guitarists in the history of rock music. Wonder’s singing voice and style is very harmonic with the melody of the song.Wonder’s voice immediately jumps at you, and you start to assume that he has quite the vocal range. On the contrary, Beck’s voice and style is lower and laid back. Less low enough that the listener can hear the beat and guitar taking over but just loud enough so you can make out what he is singing. Finally, I feel as if the tempos of the songs are discreetly different. Beck’s version seems to be slightly more upbeat while the funkiness of Wonder’s version somewhat throws me off and gives me the feeling that it’s slower and laid back.

Superstitious Stevie Wonder Josh Beck Essay Example

What I enjoyed most about Wonder’s version of Superstition was the funkiness of the song.Overall, the song was very well balanced with outstanding vocals that are accompanied with a catchy melody. I found myself nodding my head along to the melody most of the time. I believe that it is Wonder’s vocals that are most appealing to listeners. However, liked Beck’s version as well because it was a different version of Superstition that I haven’t heard before. Initially, I was not too fond of it, but after repeatedly listening to it, gained an appreciation for his guitar work in the song, which is what I think appeals to listeners. His guitar work really gives it’s listeners a sense Of the rock music influence that Beck added.

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