Supervisors: The Key to Diversity in the Workplace

4 April 2015
Research into the effects of managerial attitudes on absenteeism rates among workers.

This paper examines research which assumes that a leader who promotes a diverse work place will receive more rewards in both increased production and decreased absenteeism. The paper outlines the history of civil rights and the early understandings of industrial psychologists that management attitudes have a profound effect on the work place.
“The period after the Civil War heralded an unprecedented time of industrial growth and development. What was a time of success and security for some was a time of despair for others. Labor laws and industrial jobs at the turn of the century were designed with the average white male in mind. Women and minorities did not belong here, according to period perceptions and ideals. However, it was not long before women and minorities became necessary in the work force to supply to extra labor that a growing labor movement needed to continue. These new workers were admitted to the workforce, however, until recently they often received lower pay and were the subjects of harassment and cruelty in the workforce. Women and minorities added considerable wealth to the workforce, but had a long road to acceptance.”

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