Support Learning Activities

8 August 2016

Identify own strengths and weaknesses in relation to supporting learning activities and how these may impact on the support that can be provided. Two Strengths Two Weaknesses Organisation Not knowing all the students and their individual needs. Advance planning Not knowing the best way to help individuals Impact on the support that you can provide Impact on the support that you can provide Everything that is needed is at hand. Makes some situations more difficult to deal with. Help keep to a tight budget and lessons are fully ready to go ahead. Need to ask the teacher ahead of lessons, this is rectifiable with experience.

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Give an example of how you used your own knowledge of the learners and the curriculum to contribute to the teachers planning. Knowledge of the learner used to contribute to the teachers planning Knowledge of the curriculum used to contribute to the teachers planning Good knowledge of cooking and recipes and knowing how to dilute them where necessary. Familiar with the teachers medium and term plans which helps choosing recipes and creates a smooth transition between lessons 1. 4 How do you obtain the information required to support learning activities? Objectives Resources Own Role Room/Time

Other? Looking at schemes of work and lesson plans Going shopping and sourcing materials Directed by Teacher Based in one room Working with constant change 1. 5 Identify and agree with the teacher the opportunities for using information and communication technology to support learning – please give one example when this has happened. I create worksheets, produce power points, create spreadsheets to monitor tracking and resource materials online on a daily basis. 2. 1 Please give an example of how you have selected and prepared resources required for a lesson of your choice in the course of this week.

I cut fabric for textiles technology; I researched a recipe for the BTEC students and created the power point to support it. I made a shopping list to buy the ingredients and will then go to the shops to purchase the items in the morning for the lesson. 2. 2 Could you describe what you did when you had to adapt resources to meet the needs of learners; For lower ability groups I may have to peel and chop the vegetables for them rather than leave them to do it. 2. 3 Please list 3 things which (in your opinion) are the most important to ensure the learning environment meet relevant health, safety security and access requirements

Keeping fire exits clear and free of clutter. Ensuring there are ramps/wide doorways for wheelchair access Vigilance at the reception to ensure only the correct people are coming and going. 3. 1Could you list your 3 favourite learning support strategies which you use to meet the needs of learners; Getting students to repeat back to me what they are needed to do to ensure they have listened. Physically showing them what is expected i. e. when peeling a potato etc giving a demonstration. Encouraging good behaviour using praise and positive language. 3. 2 Could you give 2 skills/techniques to engage and motivate learners;

By using positive language and praise. Giving Merits 3. 3Could you give ways of supporting learners to develop: literacy skills, numeracy skills, ICT skills; Literacy Numeracy ICT Helping with spelling. Using physical clocks and money. Designing Menus Writing for a non writer to copy. Educationcity Cool Maths Games 3. 4 Can you describe 2 sorts of problems that might occur when supporting learning activities and how to deal with these; Problem Solution Student burns/cuts themselves Administer First Aid – possibly walk student down to medical room Classroom can get too hot due to cookers/stoves

Open window and doors to create ventilation. 4. 1 Can you list 2 skills/techniques which you use to monitor learners responses to learning activities; Gestures or body language Asking them questions 4. 2 Please give examples of methods you used today to assess how well learners are participating in activities and the progress that they are making; Participation Progress Observation Work being completed on time Look at how much they are completing in given time frames Keeping students motivated and focused on the task 4. 3 How do you record observations and assessments of learner participation and progress?

What is the format used at your school? Participation Progress Tracking of all work completed in lessons Marking work – sending cooking home Keep up to date IEPs Communication with the subject teacher 5. 1 Describe the importance of evaluating learning activities; To monitor accurately what the students are achieving and to help them see that targets are achievable. 5. 2 Can you give an example of what ‘a constructive feedback on learning activities in discussion with a teacher’ might include; Good atmosphere in the lesson, students stayed focused and the work set was completed to a good standard. 5.3 Please identify 2 difficulties which you have encountered in supporting the learning activities today; Students not concentrating in lesson Silly behaviour when using hot/sharp tools 5. 4 What did you include in your verbal report which you provided to the teacher whom you support? Which students worked well together and which ones didn’t, at what point the concentration started lacking and what the students really seemed to have enjoyed. 6. 1 Please identify ways in which your knowledge, understanding and skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT impact on your practice as a Teaching and Learning Support Practitioner;

My knowledge, understanding and skills in; May impact on my practice in the following way; Literacy; Putting together work packs Writing shopping lists Reading up on recipes and new cooking methods Ensuring lessons are fully prepared and keeping up to date with ways that can help the learners Numeracy; Working to a tight budget Weighing out ingredients Creating FNS tests Ensuring there is no overspend and by making sure all learners have the correct amount of ingredients to cook with. ICT; Use of the interactive white boards Creating power points for lessons Creating worksheets and packs for lessons

Ensuring the visual instructions for lessons are clear, concise and relevant. Making sure worksheets make the task interesting and more interactive. 6. 2 How can you improve your own knowledge, understanding and skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT? I can improve my literacy skills by… I can improve my maths skills by… I can improve my ICT skills by… To attend relevant courses and learn from methods other people may use. To attend relevant courses and learn from methods other people may use. To attend relevant courses and learn from methods other people may use.

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