Suprema Cars Report

1 January 2017

Cars Advices about a time for taking risk for profitability of Suprema Cars Executive summary Get advises about risk of manufacturing, marketing, financial, and reputation. Introduction This report will look at: • The consequences that are happen. • Responsibility in manufacture • Situations of Suprema Cars (financial, reputation, and etc. ) Finding 1. Cut the prices of cars and accept a lower profit margin. Currently, the profit margin is 60%.

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In the first, Suprema Cars should cut the price of cars for keep the level of finance which it may reduce some reputation, but people will well-known Suprema Cars more and more, that can improve in sale volume, however some standard of Suprema Cars must stay on like personal security, environmental, design, and etc. 2. Try to get additional finance from an outside source then have a major launch of the cars in the United States.

Due to the fact that Suprema Cars has the decline in finance, it is necessary to maintain the position at this moment by try to get an outside source for share the work for does not the company get down into severe crisis. 3. Use the Suprema Cars brand name, and design and lunch a sporty, environmentally friendly, dual fuel, small car. If Suprema Cars has a design as usual, it can make only brand royalty that attention as before.

So Suprema Cars should has new design and unique for the famous and build up the brand royalty for remain the reputation. Conclusion The ways of manufacturer, that makes expand market by sell car inexpensive and high qualities. Recommendations 1. Manufacturer of Suprema Cars should give more information. 2. Manufacturer of Suprema Cars should have good service and keep abreast of standard. Anekchai Iamsinwathana Manager Officer 2 October 2007

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