Supreme Court Nominees

4 April 2015
Examines the politics involved in the nomination of a new judge to the Supreme Court. Focuses on recent, ideological battles over the confirmation of nominees Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas.

Many Presidents have found that the persons they nominate to the Supreme Court make decisions that are not in accord with the ideological views of President himself. There was a time when Supreme court appointments were undertaken in a pro forma fashion. Then, the Court was not considered an institution with as much power or importance as Congress and the Executive even though the three branches of government were supposed to be equal to one another. Yet, more recently battles over Supreme Court nominees have been heated, showing a shift in attitude as more and more policies are set by legislative fiat based on a reading of the Constitution. Presidents today want those they nominate to follow their ideology closely, but there is still no guarantee that this will occur. Judges are human beings, and they change their views just as the public does, just as the political …

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