Surf Excel : Consumer Perception

Daag Achhe Hai Campaign-Storyline The storyline is this: Two cutekids; a brother and sister going to school. Sister reciting numbers, as to how bigger number 2 isover number 1 and suddenly she falls in a puddle. She starts crying and points her fingers to thepuddle. The annoyed brother goes and literally hits the puddle asking it not to repeat to hissister (the result is so many stains on his and his sister? s clothes). He then says (after obviouslytired beating the water) to his sister that the puddle is saying sorry. The sibling says okaay fineleave it. This fella turns back says ?. never repeat this to her. ” ROI RELEVANCE: Daag-The Enemy of Mummy, Daag-The Irreversible, Daag-The scolding and Daag-TheThreatening Warning. All these reflect the ? The Norm? that prevailed dominantly a few yearsago, but surf Excel came up with its creative ad ? DAAG-Achche Hai? , and what was dreadful,nightmare for all the moms turned into nothing more than two pinches or may be a three of SURF Excel. Isn? t it like the one strike of the blacksmith to a hundred of the goldsmiths? Dirt which is associated as bad, but the tagline of the ad goes like this: ?

Daag achhe hain? or ‘dirtis good. ‘Suddenly mom? s will start relate it to their life. They will startthinking that my kids come with the dirt but at the same timethey are learning so much in life. Through cooking to canvaspainting to pottering creating masterpiece is always better whenyou can get thoroughly messy in the process. And mom? s willstart integral to the development of a child and hence will let her kids go out, play, learn and becomea genius. No matter if at the end of the day her genius comes with clothes full of stains.

She willwelcome her genius kid with a big lovable smile because she will have a positive feeling abouther child getting all rounder. She will imagine her child to be a painter if the cloths are stained with colors. She instead of scolding will say ? koi baat nahi beta-Daag acche hai?. So the ad gives a relevance to mom? s asshe can immediately relate it with her day to day tension and she will try to behave like a sweetmom in a happy family, supporting a genius to grow in his way. The above story line gives astrong bonding between 2 sibling and mom? will feel good that even if my boy came with dirtycloths but she made her sister laugh!! So we can say that the campaign gives a relevance but ina very ? cuter? way. Originality: A boring stereotype where countless detergent commercials through years of unabashedcreative barrenness showcased unhappy housewives toil tough with stain on clothes. All theads of detergents showed comparison of yellow shirt and white shirt, hard work and sweatinghousewives, ziddi daag, repetitive using of bars etc. And then would appear the detergentbrand bringing happiness along with it by removing all the dirt in a flash! o predictive so veryformulaic and so very boring? all same and boring ads?. BUT?. Surf ” Daag Ache Hai? is remembered in the history of advertising to have broken a cliche. In astriking campaign the country was told in length and breadth that actually Stains are Good. A 360 degree communication with the consumers. Who can imagine Daag as PINK.. Surf excel did. If ever noticed the Daag made on packaging is of pink color. It altogether changed the image of stains. Agar kuchh accha karne me daag lag jate hain, to daag acche hain. The ad is loved due to its newness, its simplicity and its clutter breaking ability. This innovative ad gave wings to nostalgic childhood memories; how I spent those happy golucky days and my parents gave me that freedom to spend such a childhood. I would say thatthe ad hit the nail through head and probably educates even parents how to bring up kids than kids to get their hands dirty and rediscover the fun they can have with the dirtt only sends out the message that Surf Excel will help you wash them out, buted. t also does what the majority do not.

It focuses on the people rather than thets, actions and emotions of the people are highlighted and showcasedut the advertisement in one form or another. The product is kept discreetly tuckede but here an emotionalive:ncy of usage as mom? s will allow their kids to play and get dirty. omen? s who avoid their kids going out with the fear of germs andels are via print, radio and television, OOH. t of e? s will go for shopping they will recall the brand and will definitelye Advantage:t so if played on the price factor would not have worked so well and itROI-daag acche hai

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