Survey of the Planets

4 April 2015
This is a paper on planetary discovery. The author traces the short history of manned and unmanned trips to the moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter etc. All the Apollo journeys are discussed, along with Viking and Space Shuttle trips.
“Think of how exciting it must have been to live in the days when the telescope was first turned to the heavens. Every part of the sky offered a new surprise. The planets were transformed from speaks of light to globes with unique characteristics. Could there be a more thrilling time of planetary discovery than those days of Galileo and the first telescopes? Yes, we live in such a time. How could the glimpses those early telescopes gave compare in richness to the dozens upon dozens of photographs and storehouses full of other data collected in the past few decades? Thanks to the spacecraft, we have finally started to know the planets as real places, both like and unlike Earth.”
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