Surviving on a desert island

Being stranded on a deserted tropical island is not ideal for most people, especially if you are alone. Although many people who end up in these situations get rescued, it is still important to know five essential tips to survive. Giving purpose to items often ignored and utilizing all available resources is vital. Water is an extremely important essential to surviving, water makes up more than two-thirds of our body weight and works in many different ways to maintain our body’s health, stabilize our metabolism, and keeping digestion in order.

A reason why the island you are stranded on is deserted might be because of the lack of fresh water. If you cannot find a stream nearby then look for coconuts, the milk inside is high in potassium and a variety of minerals. Although you cannot survive off of coconut milk, it will last you until the next rainfall. Collect as much rainwater as you can, because you never know when the next one will occur. Assuming you cannot contact anyone from your cellphone because there is not a signal on the island, getting noticed is also extremely important.

Building a fire that creates lots of smoke is recommended. Using dead and dry palm leaves creates a thicker more noticeable smoke. Collecting dry tinder from trees is helpful, especially hibiscus tree’s, which are common on most Pacific islands. A fire is also important for cooking food, staying warm and keeping the insects away. As for food, fishing is an obvious go to. But remain cautious of the types of fish you eat. Stay away from fish with spikes or abnormal structures.

Fish are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, they reduce blood pressure; they are rich in protein, vitamin D, calcium and many minerals. If you have hunting skills you could also go hunting, there is likely to be boars on the island and a variety of other meaty animals. Building a shelter is vital; it needs to be done before dark. That way you do not have to go snooping through a forest in the middle of the night in which you have no idea what lies ahead. Find a spot that provides protection from the wind, sunlight, and animals.

Use β€œY” shaped sticks for the frame and dead palm tree leaves for the roof. Search for a vine to tie together everything so it stays put. Put leaves in the inside of your hut to create a floor to rest on. Waiting patiently is very important. Keep yourself busy so you do not feel like you are going crazy. Go for a swim, work on building a safer shelter and explore the forest. You have plenty of time on your hands, so do as much as you can to make the time pass until you are rescued.

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