Survivor and Group Dynamics

4 April 2015
This paper looks how the TV series “Survivor” reflects true group dynamics .

This paper starts by defining group dynamics and examines the popular TV series “Survivor” exemplifies this concept. It states that TV viewers experience a taste of reality when watching the show as it “stars” real people. The essence of the series is forming a solid group and thereafter dismantling it.
From the paper:

“Television, like most media forms, is intended to show, rather than simply tell, something about the human condition. As a viewer, television has the capacity to act as a mirror into our own lives, or the lives of people we know. Current television shows allow viewers to leave the stresses of their own lives, and become a part of the lives of characters we relate to, or who are so far from our own experiences that we forget about our own problems, anxieties and worries, to participate in the often tranquil or happily exciting lives of another person.”

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