Susan B Anthony

12 December 2017

Even at school, It as the boys who were always chosen by the teachers to learn reading and writing and she did not like that. In 1846, at the age of 26, she took the position of the girls’ department at Contraries Academy, her first paid position. She taught at that school for two years, earning $110 a year. Susan spent 15 years being a teacher because she knew that she was able to work and earn money just like men were. It was in 1852 that she began speaking at rallies for the rights of women. During this time, she made so many speeches about how women deserved the same types of rights as men did.

She spent many years trying to convince others of the bad way women were being treated. Some of the rights that she spoke about at rallies were about women’s right for education, women earning the same pay as men, women having the right to own property, women having the right for a divorce, women being able to be Jurors on trials, and one of the most major ones, women having the right to vote. Susan 8. Anthony never married and died In 1906 at the age of 86. About Are Women Persons Speech In her speech regarding the rights of women, Susan B.Anthony Is trying to make he point that all women deserve the same rights as men. The mall significance of this speech is that women are not just persons, they are in fact citizens.

Her purpose of this speech is to make the point that women are being treated differently and 1 OFF the state, they too deserve the same type of rights that men, who are also citizens. But in this speech, she makes it known that this is not the case. According to Anthony, women are being treated badly and the State should not be allowing this to happen.She goes on to say in her speech that the U. S. Constitution was written to give very citizen the same rights and this includes women. But the problem is according to Susan is that men are in fact being treated much better than women and are given the freedoms that the Constitution gave them.

This is the main reason for this speech and she tries to show how there needs to be changes. The States need to give women the same rights because all women are citizens. It is because women are citizens that they deserve the right to vote and the right to be treated as equals.When these things do not happen according to Susan, then the laws should be null and void. She also states that Just as women deserve the same rights, so do Negroes. This speech is very important because it leads the way for changes to happen during this time to give women more rights. It is also very important because up to this time, women were in fact being treated very differently as men.

Susan B. Antonym wanted this to stop and that is the reason why she gave this speech. My Strengths and Weaknesses in Public Speaking I would consider myself as someone who likes to talk all the time.I have been told by my family that I was born talking. Although I am very comfortable talking to others that I know, I find that when it comes to speaking for a presentation, I can sometimes become nervous and shy. Some of my strengths when it comes to public speaking has to do with keeping my voice loud and clear. I believe that when someone is up front making a presentation, it is very important that people are able to hear you talk.

I know I have a loud voice, and when I do public speaking, I have no problem with people being able to hear me.Another strength that I have is being animated. What I mean by this is being able to hanged my voice when needed and using my hands to try and make a point when needed. This is important because it keeps the audience listening and shows that I am trying to make my speech interesting. The last thing I would think is a strength that I have is the ability to make constant eye contact with my audience. This is also very important because keeping good eye contact tells the audience that you know what you are talking about and have confidence in your speaking.Some of my weaknesses when it comes to public speaking that I have is that I me to talk too fast.

I know I do this because whenever I am nervous, I talk very fast. This is very bad because it can be hard for people to understand what I say. Another thing that I do is talk too much during my speech. This is bad because I need to get to the point, and not say things that do not have anything to do with my speech. Keeping My Strengths and Fixing My Weaknesses Even though I have not had too much experience with making public speeches, I know that when I began my work career, I will have to be doing this.I am going to untie working on my strengths by making sure I stay calm when I talk, which will help me make sure my voice remains loud enough for people to hear me. Also, because I like to talk using my hands, I will remember that if I use my hands to speak in front of others, I need to make sure my hands are being used when they are important it is to look people in the eyes when I talk to them and I can be practicing even when I am not speaking in front of a large group.

I can work on my fast talking by reminding myself to not rush my words and be more clearer when I am talking to others.This is something I can do all the time when I talk to others because I tend to talk fast more and more. One way I can get better is videoing my speech and playing it back so I can take a look at and see how I can stop doing the things that I should not be when I am speaking in front of others. This can also include making sure I get to the point when I am telling a story and not ramble on. I can help fix this by timing myself and asking the person I was talking to what they learned from my story and ask for suggestions on what I could of done fervently when I was talking to them.

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