Sutilmente/ Ainda Gosto Dela by Skank

10 October 2019

If you’re into the rather eclectic genre (at least for an American teenager) of 90’s Brazilian Britpop/reggae, then you will be blown away by Skank. The combination of many genres creates a new and addicting type of music! Brazilian typical styles, mixed with calm reggae, and a little edge from the Britpop. It may take a Brazilian ear to understand the lyrics, but it only takes a music fan to appreciate the style!
The song, “Ainda Gosto Dela” is techno based, but the chill beats caught my attention immediately, proving that it is not necessary to understand the lyrics to be touched by a song. Learning the meaning of the lyrics only struck me more, and didn’t allow this song to leave my head or my lips for days! Later discovering the song “Sutilmente” just added to my budding love of the band. The indescribably soft melodies and intricate guitar pieces easily wooed me.

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Sometimes the strangest, unknown things will become a surprise favorite. You never know if something new will catch your ear, so give Skank a listen!

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