Swot Analysis

1 January 2017

The Kitchen will be located in downtown named Main Street. Main Street is home to 25 restaurants, which vary greatly. I will be leasing a space of 3,000 sqaure feet in the Lovinger Building, which is decorated beautifully with exposed brick and a great layout. It is in the heart of downtown Libertyville on the West side of Milwaukee street. I found my inspiration to open The Kitchen from my trip to NYC 2 years ago. I visited the very popular Cafe Lalo in Manhatten, which was also in the movie You’ve Got Mail (one of my favorites).

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The Kitchen will offer a place to sit, relax, and enjoy the company of friends. I have often found myself wanting to go to a place in the late night hour nearby, that wasn’t a bar. The Kitchen will provide an atmosphere that welcomes you to read the paper, sip coffee, study and enjoy a cupcake or dessert. We will have extensive hours serving brunch, dinner, and the night life. We will be open daily from 8am-3am. The Kitchen will specialize in cupcakes and drinks. The cupcakes will range from a simple vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream to a maple bacon pancake cupcake with maple cream cheese frosting.

I will serve other desserts, and our dinner menu will be mostly comfort foods. We will offer an extensive wine list accompanied by a spirits, brunch, dinner and desserts menu. Weaknesses The Kitchen will be a partnership. The weakness of our company is the limited funds. Myself and my friend, Jackie, who has extensive knowledge managing a cakery, will be co-owners. I am able to provide 30k of my own funds, she is able to contribute 10k and the rest will be loans. The difficulty of this Cafe are the hours. I want to appeal to all crowds.

Whether it is meetings for work, students studying, friends gathering or anyone wanting a drink and dessert at night, the hours will be difficult, and it will be exhausting. Opportunities The Kitchen will be given a 10k construction grant from the owner of the building Jeff Lovinger. This will help us with the appliances, materials, chairs and tables. He has also agreed to delay rent ($3,900/month) until 3 months after we open, which will be very benefitial.

As of 2010 the median household income is $106,594, with the median household income being 81. % greater than the Illinois average. Considering the location, this will benefit us. We will also benefit from the already popular night life scene. A great aspect of being a part of the Main Street Libertyville community are the events held to promote their small businesses. Main Street is an amazing supporter of their businesses and they help promote you in their weekly e-mail blasts, The Patch newspaper ad’s and their constant events held, such as First Friday, which helps get people in your door. Threats

The Kitchen will have several competitions in the area. There is Lovin Oven Cakery, Starbucks as well as several bars on the same street. I believe we will be set a part in several ways. We will be open earlier and later than most restaurants on the block. We will be providing exceptional customer service, friendliness and a unique menu. Our menu will be an appeal to our customers, as well as the atmosphere, which will differ from any other restaurant/bakery. SWOT Analysis of Lovin Oven Cakery Strengths

Lovin Oven Cakery has an already popular name. They bring in customers time and time again for their wide variety of pastries, danishes, cakes and cupcakes. They have incredibly talented bakers who design delicious and beautiful cakes for weddings, birthdays, parties, etc. Although The Kitchen will not offer cakes for occasions, we aim to draw in a nightly crowd with our cupcakes and spirits, that will also offer breakfast all day. Lovin Oven also has an area to sit and enjoy their dessert. They offer fountain drinks and espresso.

They are very successful, even in this economy. Weaknesses I have personally witnessed, and heard about their poor customer service. They are not open on Mondays, they close around dinner time, and I have had many cakes made wrong to order, with no apologies, just excuses. A very good friend of mine manages the Lovin Oven in Libertyville, so I hear about some of the employees getting treated poorly and getting paid very low. I want a low turn around, and I will strive to keep my employees happy and around for the long run.

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