Swot Analysis of Project Management in Bangladesh

1 January 2017

We have given our sincere effort to complete the report. We don’t copy anything from anywhere. Finally we are submitting the report and will be grateful if you kindly accept it. Sincerely yours, Sume akhter Group Leader SA/hs Encl. : Group report Acknowledgement Preparing this report on “SWOT analysis of project management in Bangladesh” was a excellent experience for me. We would like to thank our faculty, Md-AL-emran, co_ordinator , Faculty of Business, ASA University Bangladesh for giving us this opportunity as well as for his constant guidance and support.

Finally we would like to thank our family and almighty Allah for supporting us the courage to continue our work. Executive summary A project is a specific task that has a beginning and an end. Project management is used for defining the process of executing a project in a systematic manner. In this term paper we have discuss about the SWOT analysis of project management in Bangladesh. SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture.

It involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieve that objective. This report is the clear view of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of project management of Bangladesh. Table of content Chapter 1:Introduction A. Background: Project is a catalog of human thought on life’s most important questions. We are enlarging the scope of our project and this site is currently under development. Bangladesh is a developing country.

In Bangladesh project management is very crucial task in the government institution and government officials. In case of Bangladesh project procedures is very lengthy process. In this concern project planning and implementation is very lengthy because of cultural heritage manpower unavailability, unaware of time concept & cost, centralized authority, complex formalities, lack of technical competence, hesitance and inconsistence in decision making. In Bangladesh, there is no such thing as Time-Cost Trade-Off between objective (project completion in time) and means (formalities & procedure).

Looking at the set up of procedures and the continuous changes that are brought in it, one feels that the systems are built on a generals assumption that everybody is dishonest unlike in the west , where by and large “Systems are built on general assumption that everyone is honest”. Project decision making is inconsistence and hesitance in Bangladesh because that can turn out to be either right or wrong.

One is in deep waters if the decisions are wrong and appreciation for good deeds is rare. However, Bangladesh govt. nd private organization should make strong concentrate that how project implementation procedures make easy public oriented and result based of the project. B. Statement: Bangladesh is a developing country. There are different projects in Bangladesh. To operate this projects and make them successful; a strong project management is needed to implement in Bangladesh. Therefore to solve the challenges of project management, there need a SWOT analysis of project management in Bangladesh. C. Objectives: There are some objectives of this report.

A project is a temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and end (usually time-constrained, and often constrained by funding or deliverables), undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, typically to bring about beneficial change or added value. The temporary nature of projects stands in contrast with business as usual (or operations), which are repetitive, permanent, or semi-permanent functional activities to produce products or services. In practice, the management of these two systems is often quite different, and as such requires the development of distinct technical skills and management strategies.

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while honoring the preconceived constraints. Typical constraints (scarce resources) are scope, time, and budget. The secondary —and more ambitious— challenge is to optimize the allocation of necessary inputs and integrate them to meet pre-defined objectives. B. Project management framework The Program (Investment) life cycle integrates the project management and system development life cycles with the activities directly associated with system deployment and operation.

These terms we find out here and this can helps to know about Bangladesh project which we can take. Which have a opportunities and which are threat for us. In Bangladesh the project which is taken all can’t be fulfill because of some problem. This problem may be economic problem, social problem, political problem, environmental problem. To know this and make a proper decision is to need. Which make the Bangladesh more profitability and economically good and healthy.

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