Swot Analysis of Walls

9 September 2016

For the purpose, to complete the assignment report on SWOT Analysis, we have selected the tourism area. In the report, we have studied that what type of tourist comes in Pakistan and what difficulties they faces in Pakistan. For this purpose we collect the data from 60 tourists and developed 6hypothesis for making analysis. We have applied different distributions to tests the hypothesis like Z test, T test and chi-square . In the end we have identified problems and also give their solutions for the purpose that more and more tourists attract in Pakistan.

INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION HISTORY OF ICE CREAM Once upon a time, hundreds of years ago, Charles I of England hosted a sumptuous state banquet for many of his friends and family. The meal, consisting of many delicacies of the day, had been simply superb but the ”coup de grace’ was yet to come. After much preparation, the king’s French chief had concocted an apparently new dish. It was cold and resembled fresh fallen snow but was much creamier and wetter than any other was after dinner dessert.

Swot Analysis of Walls Essay Example

The guests were delighted, as was Charles, who summoned the cook and asked him not to divulge the recipe for his frozen cream. The king wanted the delicacy to be served only at the Royal table and offered the cook 500 pounds a year to keep it that way some later, however poor Charles feel in disfavor with his people and was beheaded in 1649. But by that time, the secret of the frozen cream remained a secret no more. The cook, named De Mirco, had not kept his promise. This story is just one of many of the fascinating tales which surround the evolution of our country’s most popular dessert, ice cream.

It is likely that ice-cream was not invented, but rather came to be over years of similar efforts, Indeed, the Roman Emperor Nero laudius Caesar is said to have sent slaves to the mountains to bring snow and ice to cool and freeze the fruit drinks he was so fond of Centuries later, the Italian Marco Polo returned from his famous Joanne to the Far East with a recipe for making water ices resembling modern day sherbets. WHY ICE CREAM IS POPULAR? Ice cream contains most of our favorite flavors. What do chocolate, potato chips and ice cream all have in common? They all contain high proportions of fat. Fat tastes good.

That’s why we all like those foods. Another favorite is sugar. Again ice cream has a high level of sugar. The addition of fruit or confectionery (Chocolate, caramel, Etc) makes ice cream irresistible. The temperature that ice cream is consumed at makes it a pleasurable treat during the warmer months of the year. Ice cream also contains a portion of air. The air provides a softer texture making the product more pleasant to eat. The air in the ice cream also carries the flavors to the nose to enhance the taste sensation. How Popular Is Ice Cream? Here are some figures showing ice cream consumption (1998) in different countries.

COUNTRY| Country Consumption(1,000,000 liters)| Per-capita litre per person| New Zealand | 53| 16. 3| Pacific island| 4| 1. 2| United States| 379| 21. 7| Australia | 325| 187. 6| Japan| 968| 7. 6| Canada | 367| 12. 78| United Kingdom| 461| 8. 9| India | 665| 0. 7| Pakistan| 347| 2. 48| ICE-CREAM MIX GERNERAL COMPPOSITION * Milk fat: >10% * Milk solids not fat: 9% – 12% * Sucrose: 10% – 14% * Corn syrup solids: 4% – 5% * Stabilizers: 0% – 0. 4% * Emulsifiers: 0% – 0. 25 * Water: 55% – 64% HISTORY OF THE COMPANY Lever Brothers Pakistan Ltd. is a subsidiary branch of British Company UniLever.

Unilever established in 1880 in Britain. Its founder was SIR LORD LEVER. It has a chain of directors, which are responsible for its management. Its head office is in London. It’s started its business in Indo-Pak Subcontinent in 1888 with the name of Hindustan Lever Brothers. After the independence of Pakistan, Lever Brothers with name the of Lever Brother Pakistan Ltd. Started its business in Pakistan 1949. First product they manufactured in Pakistan was sunlight Washing Soap. They started manufacturing Edible Oil in Rahim Yar Khan in 1952 and soon started manufacturing of Lux after two years.

Now Lever Brothers Pakistan has many branch factories. Their Main branches are in Karachi, Lahore, Rahim Yar Khan and Rawalpindi. The Head of each branch is the branch manager. HISTORY OF PRODUCT Lever Brothers Pakistan limited brought Wall’s ice cream to Pakistan in 1995. The instant success of Wall’s and clear consumer preference for the brand proved the willingness of the Pakistan market to support high quality, hygienic, innovative product. Keeping in view the strategy, Wall’s Launched five new products at the start of the 1997, ice-cream season, namely Cornetto Mango, Feast Kulfa, Split Strawberry, Mini milk sammar and Solo Cola.

These products have not only fuelled volume growth but also helped in maintaining and stimulating consumer interest. Moreover, the drive of volume growth continued through geographical expansion with the addition of new concessionaires and satellite towns. CURRENT MARKET SITUATION Before Wall’s introduce in Pakistan, Polka was the market leader but it had to face competition with Yummy, and Rocco soon after. Polka dominated the local market in between 1980-1990s. These were the only three ice cream companies in Pakistan during that period. Polka had almost 80 – 85% share of the market, the rest was shared by Yummy and Rocco.

Due to their heavy investment and sponsorship Polka was the name that came into one’s mind when one though about ice cream. But that was in the 80s, then came Wall’s in 1995 and that was it the turning point for Polka’s Sales. Wall’s had a very different strategy than polka, they projected themselves as very strong company, plus they had a very strong marketing Plan, Which removed Polka out of the Market in to no time. Hence today we see Wall’s SPD’s on the streets of Pakistan selling all the variants of ice cream. Presently Hico has also captured the market, due to the result of their changed recipe and stronger marketing strategy.

According to the survey conducted by the Lever Brother of Pakistan the Current Market situation of the market is somewhat like the following. MARKET SHARE| | Wall’s| 65%| Yummy| 10%| Hico| 20%| Others| 5%| Competitor’s Analysis There are major steps in an analysis of competitors after identifying the present and potential close rivals. The analysis consist of examine objectives strategy performance, strength and weaknesses and then predicting the feature behavior of each, including the likelihood that each will change its strategy and how it will respond to move make by other. Competitors Evaluation Process

Cometitor ObectiveCometitor StrateCometitor SuccessCometitor Strenth & WeaknessesCometitor future behavior SWOT ANALYSIS OF WALL’S SWOT ANALYSIS OF WALL’S SWOT analysis enables the marketer or the business manager to exactly locate 1. What strengths or strong points his product has and on which he can capitalize and earn more market share. 2. What weakness or weak points are they in his product or in the external environment, which he could avoid and on which he should work on and try to improve? 3. Which kinds of opportunities are there available for him, so that he could cash on those opportunities? . And most importantly the threats that are faced by the company or the product in the external environment in shape of the competitors and other factors. The fact that there are number of competitors in the market of ice cream and there is going to be a lot of competition between the different products, analyzing the external environment becomes even more important. Following this scenario where there is competition right from direct competition to generic competition, SWOT analysis becomes a key to success A complete analysis of the external environment is as follows. STRENGTHS:

The Cornetto ice-creams brand is a unique brand with no direct competitor due to its special taste and make . As it is a different brand so it earns huge profit margins for Wall`s which are about 18% of all the revenues generated by Wall`s in Pakistan. It is available in all big cities and known areas from Karachi to Mansehra and is in the reach of middleclass &above middleclass, the efficient and planned delivery network makes its availability possible at more than 40,000 outlets. It is available in 9 different flavors which are according to the taste of local people.

Availability of Cornetto in numerous sizes increases its demand by including even those people who do not want to spend on a standard sized Cornetto. It is reasonably priced. They have launched different products to cater to more people by introducing moderate tastes such as Choco disc and strong Flavors like Strawberry and Super Cornetto. There are many premium varieties. The production is under hygiene environment with world class standards like ISO 2009. * Financially strong * High quality * Good Image in the minds of consumers Wide distribution due to wide distribution channel * Aggressive promotional schemes WEAKNESSES: Ice cream is a perishable item and the electricity failure has really created problems for the company, actually they incurred huge losses due to this as lots of theirs stock losses its quality and melts. There clear top freezers cannot retain required temperature for more than 90 minutes. * Pure milk is not used in ice creams * There is no variation in tastes OPPORTUNITIES: They can come up with new flavors which would be able to attract the youth .

They should not restrict themselves to departmental stores, in fact come with new luxury brands which can be available in hotels and they should come up with their own ice-cream parlors like spin bar. They can cash their name and expand market share by increasing product lines. * Gap in Mkt. for diet ice cream, which Wall’s can cover because they are more, establish than others. * Wall’s proves itself to be quality oriented product and maintain good taste and standard, then it would be able to create a strong position in all (Pakistan) for a long period of time. THREATS:

The biggest threats for Cornetto ice-cream are competitors, Gourmet and Omore. The threat from gourmet is the low price challenge and Omore can be an equivalent competitor as it is positioning itself effectively. As Cornetto is a high Profit generating brand, competitors would surely try to enter into this segment and compete. Nestle is already present in Pakistan working in other products, but as they are second in rank of holding ice cream share they might intervene into this market also, which can be a huge threat . * Hico and Omore are also new comer but rapid increase in there market is a bigthreat for walls.

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