Syd Barrett and the Music of Pink Floyd

4 April 2015
This paper covers many areas of the band Pink Floyd while discussing the roles of the members of the band. Focus is on Syd Barrett.

This paper discusses the band called Pink Floyd. The author looks at the formation of the band, the members as well as some of the band’s successes. The description focuses on the main member named Syd Barret and his impact on the band.
Pink Floyd is well known as one of the most successful rock bands of all time. The band has managed to span its success over four decades, beginning from its first album in 1965 all the way until its latest album, Echoes, which is expected to be no less successful than any of the other Pink Floyd albums (Williamson 1). While it may be argued that the key to Pink Floyd’s real success came from the members who were in the band while they produced successful albums, the inspiration for those albums came from Syd, and the band itself was a creation of Syd Barrett. Syd’s short but witty career did not last long, but he will remain a legend in the history of rock. Syd Barrett was one of the brightest and most influential music figures of the Psychedelic Rock era.

Syd Barrett and the Music of Pink Floyd Essay Example

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