Sylvia Plath’s Poems

4 April 2015
An analysis of the influence of popular culture in the poems The Thin People and Mirror.

This paper discusses two poems by Sylvia Plath, and provides a thorough analysis of each poem. The paper focuses on the influence of popular culture in each of these works. These poems are discussed according to their significance as Plath’s extension of her thoughts on the culture of today’s world, that is, what are the trends, the preoccupations, and social issues that people face today. In particular, the poems show that society is too frivolous due to the high value it places on the ideals of thinness and beauty. The paper includes a brief history of Sylvia Plath.
Most works of literature reflects an individual’s culture and society, and it is evident that most of the literary works that were written by popular artists is seen to have traces of the kind of society and culture that artist had lived and encountered. Sylvia Plath is an example of a literary artist that illustrates in her poems a deep influence of the society she has grown up with.

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