Symbol Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Symbol Essay, Research Paper

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Human existences exist and interact in a world which they define themselves. Inside of this

world they make usage of societal objects, that is, anything used between to histrions in societal

state of affairss that have significance and map in that societal environment ( Charon 46 ) . Many societal

objects are used to stand for something else and are interpreted to convey more significance. These

societal objects are known as symbols and it is the nucleus of the symbolic interactionist position.

Simply defined, a symbol is something that stands for something else. In Sociology, a symbol

is classified as a societal object that the members of a society have agreed represents a construct, an

object, or an ideal that is non present. They are used to pass on, express purposes,

represent objects and groups and specify the world that surrounds us ( Charon 46-48 ) . They can be

separated into the classs of referential, expressive, and assorted symbols which can be

interrupted as both of the old mentioned types.

Referential symbols are used to specify and sort parts of world. They can be used to

represent an object in its absence. The word pencil is instantly interpreted a shaft of wood

with a black lead nucleus used for composing or a mechanical device with the same intent. Now while

the pencil itself is merely a societal object with a simple map, the word pencil acts as a symbol

in that it represents the physical object. On a larger scale referential symbols are used to stand for

full groups. A ruddy star can be used to stand for a political party or doctrine ( Charon 50 ) .

Referential symbols can besides be used to sort groups such as gender. Diana Kendall gives the

illustration of dressing babies in certain colorss, blue and ruddy for males and pink and yellow for

females, to convey instantly pass on the sex of the kid ( Kendall 70 ) . These symbols

are used as labels and divisions in society.

Expressive symbols are used to pass on and raise responses. They are used substitut


and looks of emotions. A good illustration of this is simple organic structure linguistic communication, gestures are a

symbolic signifier of communicating ( Kendal 50 ) . Looking into person s eyes as he or she speaks

is a symbol of your purpose to listen and that you have involvement in what the individual has to state,

merely as looking at a ticker or a clock while the individual is talking conveys boredom or disinterest

( Charon 50 ) . If a one state or group of states topographic points a trade trade stoppage onto another, it is

symbolic of their disapproval of that state s actions, if a state boycotts the Olympic games it

communicates its dissatisfaction with some or all of the other states involved. Symbols such

as these represent and communicate purposes and emotions.

The 3rd categorization rests mostly on reading. Assorted symbols arise from that fact that

some symbols can both stand for something and convey emotion. For illustration a flag can

stand for a state every bit good as nationalism ( Kendall 70 ) . The old illustration of utilizing the coloring material

of an infant s vesture can besides be used to show a message as to how the kid should be

treated, as Kendal puts it a pink frock on a girl conveys I m a miss. Say that I am reasonably, non that

I m fine-looking ( Kendal 70 ) .

The symbol is an of import, if non cardinal, construct to the symbolic interactionist position

because it is how we communicate and interact, how we define our really nature. We do non

passively react to our world but create and animate it with the usage of symbols in our societal life,

they are our world and are cardinal to what makes us human ( Charon 69 ) . Symbols are the footing

of our communicating within our ain societal groups and with others. It is through our

apprehension of how we use them that we understand ourselves.

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