Symbolism And Irony In 1984 Essay Research

Symbolism And Irony In 1984 Essay, Research Paper

Imagine a cold, dark universe with atrocious life conditions and ne’er rather adequate to eat. A universe of Decaying, dingy metropoliss where ill-fed people shuffled to and fro in leaky places, in patched-up nineteenth-century houses that smelt ever of chou and bad toilets. Picture bombs dropping on resort areas, blowing kids to pieces. Imagine what it would be like if the authorities knew your every move, your every idea. This is the universe of George Orwell s Nineteen Eighty-four. Nineteen Eighty-four is a fresh about a society wholly different from present twenty-four hours. Because the authorities invariably monitors what one is believing or making, the people of this society have really small freedoms. Orwell gives the reader a position of what hazards the hereafter may keep. Orwell s usage of literary elements, such as symbolism and sarcasm, are really of import to the secret plan and the subject of this novel. The symbolism in the novel helps to break explicate Winston and Julia s relationship and quandary. Inside Mr. Charington s old-timer store, Winston is intrigued by a little paperweight. It is clear glass with a little piece of coral suspended interior. & # 8220 ; The coral was Julia & # 8217 ; s life and his ain, fixed in a kind of infinity in the bosom of the crystal The relationship of Winston and Julia was beautiful, but was besides trapped and suspended in the universe of Big Brother, like the coral. The name Julia is symbolic because it represents Juliet, a name that has a intension of love affair and love. This besides gives mark

ificance to the transition where Winston wakes with the word β€˜Shakespeare’ on his lips.”

In the beginning of the novel during the two proceedingss hate, Winston is introduced to two of import characters. The significance of these first two characters ironically alterations as the novel progresses. Momentarily he caught O Brien s oculus. But there was a fraction of a 2nd when their eyes met, and for every bit long as it took to go on Winston knew yes, he knew! From this point on in the fresh Winston believes that O Brien is against The Party. In the terminal though O Brien turns out to be working with the Inner Party. There is another character, a black-haired immature adult female that Winston becomes cognizant of. & # 8220 ; Winston had disliked her from the really first minute of seeing her. It was ever the adult females, and above all the immature 1s, who were the most bigoted disciples of the party, the swallowers of mottos, the amateur undercover agents and nosers-out of unorthodoxy & # 8221 ; This adult female is Julia, who unwittingly to Winston and the reader, is in love with Winston. Subsequently, because of his love for Julia, Winston makes the hazards that cause his gaining control by the Thought Police. Because of the sarcasm, the narrative has two turns in the secret plan where Winston falls in love with Julia and when he learns the true individuality of O Brien ; this gives the secret plan suspense and play. Allusions to Shakespeare and other symbolism besides add to the novel. Nineteen Eighty-four was and still is wholly in front of its clip and should non merely be read for pleasance but besides for warning of what the hereafter might keep.

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