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Religious Symbolism and Allusion in One Flew over the Cuckoo s Nest

Ken Kesey s novel, One Flew over the Cuckoo s Nest, can be based upon some spiritual signifier of literary unfavorable judgment. The general subject was that apparently incapacitated persons could be delivered from the barbarous environment they had subjected themselves to. The Jesus can be religion itself or the object of faith such as Jesus Christ or as in the novel, Cuckoo s Nest, Randle P. McMurphy.

Many analogues exist between One Flew over the Cuckoo s Nest and traditional Christian philosophy. The chief character, Randle P. McMurphy, was a Christ-like figure. Both McMurphy and Christ were influential and had a little dedicated followers. Christ frequently the Judaic rite of the jurisprudence and blamed the Scribes and pharisees ( the existences with power ) for being dissemblers. In the same mode, McMurphy frequently caused a splash be facing the system on the ward and its important figures. An first-class illustration of this was when McMurphy demanded to watch the World Series and caused a major perturbation on the ward.

Another similarity was that Christ and McMurphy were foreigners in the universe they became a portion of. Christ was a God-man made flesh. His place was ageless in Eden and he would abandon this to come to this universe. He sacrificed his place in Eden and his life of flawlessness to come into an imperfect universe. Jesus was placed in a universe of full of wickedness ; although, he knew no wickedness which separated him from everyone else. McMurphy, on the other manus, was non of the universe of the insane. He was a really normal adult male who had planned to get away life on the work farm by coming to be evaluated on the ward. In fact, McMurphy was wholly different from the other patients. The patients on the ward suffered from a scope of unwellnesss which none could really be diagnosed as mental unwellness. The patients were victims of subjugation because they can non work within society. McMurphy and Christ were functional figures in society and led their followings to freedom from their different types of struggle. Christ healed the ill and delivered the bondage while McMurphy helped reconstruct a sense of being to the patients. An illustration of this is when the control panel was used by McMurphy to reconstruct the Chief dorsum to his original province of

being strong. McMurphy asked, will you assure me that you can raise the panel if I get you large as you used to be and you non merely acquire my particular body-building class but yo

U besides acquire a 10 vaulting horse fishing trip free! This type of concluding finally freed Chief from low self-image.

Head referred to McMurphy, as a Jesus by believing if he d touch him it would regenerate him. When the adult female at the well touched Jesus, she drew strength from him. Chief said, I merely want to touch him because he s who he is, a stronger force than the Chief was.

Ken Kesey uses the fishing trip as symbolic of Christ with the 12 adherents. This symbolic function focused on McMurphy as he led the 12 on the boat out toward the ocean. He perchance led them to be fishers of work forces as Jesus had done with his apostles.

R.P. McMurphy sacrificed himself for the other patients as Jesus did for us. McMurphy knew that through his attempts entirely could the patients be redeemed from the control of the Combine. McMurphy saw himself as a spiritual allusion by stating the orderly, anointest my caput with conductant and stating, Will I get a Crown of irritants? . Kesey shows that McMurphy knows he s bigger than the Combine and merely his entry to have daze interventions will finally emancipate the patients. For this, McMurphy can be called a loving individual. As Christ exemplified in his forfeit of ego, what greater love hath no adult male than to give his life for a friend.

Kesey s usage of the character R.P. McMurphy allowed the patients to concentrate more on him than themselves. By making this, McMurphy diverted their ideas off from their preoccupation with ego to a greater world. Compare this to the spiritual factor of projecting you burdens upon the Lord. As a consequence,

patients like Chief, Billy Bibbit and Cheswick ( before his decease ) learned a sense of independency and the ability to do a base for themselves. McMurphy being lobotomized is the symbolisation of Jesus

being crucified. There is small belief he s gone ; although, they really see his hitch and bruised organic structure. As Christ life so spoke for itself in decease, McMurphy s life besides grew greater after crucifixion ( leukotomy ) . His spirit as Christ s will populate on in his followings.

In decision, analysing One Flew over the Cuckoo s Nest, in the signifier of a spiritual unfavorable judgment allows me to believe that no affair how corrupting society is, one can happen freedom in a Christ-like figure or through their religion or belief in a higher being. Indeed, the parts of Jesus Christ and Randle P. McMurphy will travel unnoticed by a society excessively concerned with itself to detect anything else, much less than the truth.

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