Symbolism In Trifles Essay Research Paper Susan

Symbolism In Trifles Essay, Research Paper

Susan Glaspell wrote Trifles in the early 1900 s long before the modern adult females s motion began. Symbolism is used in the drama so that the audience is able to see through the eyes of Minnie Wright, and find why she killed her hubby. Character s names, the bird, and a comforter are three cardinal symbols Glaspell uses in the drama to supply the audience with the penetration on the ne’er heard, or seen characters, Minnie and John Wright.

Glaspell uses character s names in Trifles as one signifier of symbolism. For case, Minnie s name has a dual significance, Minnie being mini or minimized, which was descriptive of her relationship with her hubby. The pickings of hubby s names is besides of import in the narrative. Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters are non even given first names. The function that society has cast them in is one that is defined by their hubbies. Mrs. Peters, the sheriff s married woman is told that she is married to the jurisprudence by the county lawyer on page 324. The best illustration of symbolism utilizing names is the image of Minnie Foster. I hear she used to be lively when she was Minnie Foster says Mrs. Hale on page 319. The image of Minnie Foster is used to demo the audience what John Wright her hubby, had abused her of denying her personality and individualism. This gave penetration on the male laterality in the drama.

Another manner one is able to see through the eyes of Mrs. Wright is how Glaspell uses the bird and it s coop as another signifier of symbolism. Mrs. Hale describes Minnie as sort of like a bird herself, existent Sweet and reasonably, but sort of fluttery ( p 322 ) . When the adult females find the broken birdcage, they don t recognize its importance until they find the dead bird. The bird was caged merely as Minnie was trapp

erectile dysfunction in the opprobrious relationship with John. John strangles the life out of the bird, merely as he did Minnie. When John killed the bird, he besides killed the last of Minnie. The broken birdcage represents Minnie s freedom from John, and when she killed John her coop was broken every bit good.

The last symbolic key in Trifles was the comforter, which was symbolic of Minnie s life. At first she took the garbages and set them into a nice, orderly comforter. However, the block that she was working on was all over the topographic point as if she didn T cognize what she was approximately provinces Mrs. Hale on page 321. When John killed the bird, he destroyed the last spot of personality that Minnie had for herself. She was angry and baffled. The inquiry that was asked about the comforter is whether Minnie will quilt it or knot it ( 320 ) . By quilting the cover, she would hold chosen to digest the hurting that John was seting her through, but by knotting the comforter she chose to extinguish it.

In the drama Trifles by Susan Glaspell, symbolism is used to assist the audience figure out why Mrs. Wright killed her hubby. Glaspell uses character s names, a bird and a comforter to symbolically explicate what was traveling on in the head of Minnie Wright, and what led to the slaying of her hubby. The character s names helped the audience to understand the male domination of the whole town, particularly the laterality that was in the Wright s house. The bird symbolized Minnie s personality, and spirit, and how it was suppressed and literally murdered ; and last but non least the quilt symbolized Minnie s life, and besides the picks that she made refering her hubby s slaying. This was an first-class manner to acquire the audience involved in the drama, and the usage of symbolism encouraged one to believe about what was really traveling on.

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