Symbolism The Chrysanthemums Essay Research Paper Symbolism

9 September 2017

Symbolism- The Chrysanthemums Essay, Research Paper

Symbolism- & # 8220 ; The Chrysanthemums

John Steinbecks & # 8217 ; & # 8220 ; The Chrysanthemums & # 8221 ; is a narrative that utilizes symbolism on many degrees. Most of all, I believe in the character of Elisa Adams. Elisa and her garden seem to be considered one. Because of all of her difficult labour and love the Chrysanthemums flourish. The Chrysanthemums being a symbol of kids that she ne’er had. Besides Chrysanthemums are a symbol of decease. The coupling of the decease association and the symbol of what the Chrysanthemums mean to Elisa is dry. In modern society Chrysanthemums are by and large brought to funerals, but they keep her traveling. Steinbeck besides uses symbolism in his description of the clip of twelvemonth and environing country. He foremost describes the farm as holding a deficiency of sunlight and the season being December, all properties to the overall feeling of decease.

At the beggary of the narrative Steinbeck set the tone of the narrative.

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& # 8220 ; The high gray-flannel fog of winter made the vale like a closed pot. & # 8221 ; Here the tone is really obviously presented, it s cold and dazed, a sense of dark, even possibly decease can be seen. It is entrusting to observe the analogue and symbolism between the clay pot and the vale Elisa. It is about as if Elisa was to go forth the vale, Li

ke the Chrysanthemums, she would be dumped out on the β€œroad of life”

The chrysanthemums are the most powerful symbol in the narrative. Not merely do the flowers represent maternity for Elisa, they besides represent her muliebrity. Elisa International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t described as being a really feminine adult female. Steinbeck alternatively uses the word & # 8220 ; strong & # 8221 ; to depict her. All of her milieus such as the house and the vale are besides described as being really stark. The lone colourful thing in the narrative are the flowers. It is obvious that the symbolism of the flowers is embracing of Elisa & # 8217 ; s whole support: her ain female parent & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; gardening custodies, & # 8221 ; the kids she ne’er had, and the creativeness that so greatly contrast her milieus.

John Steinbeck & # 8217 ; s & # 8220 ; The Chrysanthemums & # 8221 ; is filled with symbolism. As the narrative unfolds Elisa is described to us as a really strong adult female. By this we can find that she is a really difficult worker and non every bit femanin as most adult females. The rubric of the narrative is a symbol of her life. The flowers represent both life and decease to her. Since she has no kids she uses her God given maternally gifts on her flowers. The flowers do non populate every bit long as kids do, so she has to travel through the bosom aching when 1 of her flowers die. The flowers symbolize everything she has and what she is made of.

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