Synthesis by Evanescence

12 December 2019

On November 10, 2017, a well-known American rock band called Evanescence has released a new album called Synthesis. This song contains both brand new and remakes of songs that are made by the previous albums. This collection brings back the old style of music with the guitars and drums that fans love with a new touch of strings and electronic elements, a blend of the modern and antique instruments working as one harmony.

The band has used several songs that they previously made in their other albums such as “Bring Me To Life,” “Lithium,” “My Heart is Broken,” and “Hello.” Using more strings than guitars, it will disappoint fans that are more in the Fallen album, but it gives off an exotic taste to all Evanescence fans. One song in the album, “Bring Me To Life” was a well-known song for its duet of both Amy Lee and Paul McCoy, this version has only Amy Lee’s which gives off a beautiful gothic emotion to the song. Amy Lee, the vocal leader of Evanescence, has a voice that matured and it gives every song a fresh new look that will make every fan, young and old, remember Amy Lee of who she was to who she is now.

Although it could disappoint many fans, it can surprise all fans at the same time with additions that weren’t expected. For example, “Hi-Lo” has a violin solo that was made by no other than Lindsey Stirling. The using of strings instead of guitars gave an exotic, yet addictive taste that can disappoint the fans of the Fallen album, but when the songs are played several times, you will be humming to the “Imperfection” every day. The three songs: Overtune, Unraveling, and The In-Between are the only instrumental songs of the album that reflects the beauty of the Synthesis album.

Overall, I am a little sad that Amy Lee and Evanescence didn’t play their songs the old way, but I do appreciate the new method of performing the songs that the well-beloved rock band that people know that can attract fans that never heard of Evanescence, but is a fan of string and orchestra. I recommend the album to anyone who is an old fan of Evanescence, those that never heard of the band, and those who love instrumental music with vocals.

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