Synthetic Biology

2 February 2017

Synthetic Biology New era of programmable Acells Under supervision of Dr. Hanaa El Badawy By; Manar hesham fouad 70019 Ahmed Ibrahim agami 60015 Yassmin Mohamed moatassim 70187 Ahmed osman Shymaa khaled Introduction As a result of the fast ,cheap DNA sequencing and synthesis with parallel developments in the field of bioinformatics, the emergence of a new discipline known as synthetic biology or synethesia has taken place, by the efforts of J.

Craig Venter the genomics pioneer and his team, that is an innovative and highly promising blend of science and engineering aim either to improve understanding of biological systems, their complexity and the interaction of complex pathways, or to use the organisms as factories for obtaining specific products, that eventually can lead to the next industrial revolution. It is hard to provide an accurate definition of a new emerging scientific discipline like synthetic biology, it can be changed over time as awareness increases.

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