System Failure – Can You See the Dead?

Nebraska is known for its football team, endless fieldsof corn – and hardcore! System Failure is a five-piece metal/hardcore band fromOmaha, and their latest release, “Can You See the Dead?,” is on WoundedRecords. Their overall sound is similar to Zao, Converge or Coalesce, andalthough the songs are on the slow side, the breakdowns are so awesome that yourgrandma will be out dancing in the pit! The standout tracks are “Please DieTonight” and the title track. These guys made an appearance on thelabel stage at Cornerstone 2001, an annual Christian music festival that drawscrowds of over 25,000. There are some great sound samples used on this disc,including clips from “Brave-heart” and “Batman.” Ifyou’re tired of the same old hardcore, check out this disc. System Failureproclaims their faith boldly through their lyrics, and the wall of sound theywail out is brutal.

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