Analysis System Performance Slow or sluggish system performance can be frustrating. There can be one or more things causing the slowdown of performance. Too many processes running in the background is only one issue of many possible reasons why the performance is sluggish. Virus, worms, and malware is another reason that can take up system resources and severely slow down a computer. By taking the necessary steps, one can Improve the system performance of a computer. First one can perform routine aintenance like defragging a hard drive, cleaning up a hard drive.

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Checking the hard drive for errors and uninstalling unwanted programs will keep the Performance optimal. Checking for hardware and software compatibility and dealing with those Issues will greatly enhance system performance. If there Is a compatibility issue, address the issue and see an improvement. Address all system warnings that the OS alerts you too. One can resolve an issue by simply clicking on the warning popup window to help address the issue. Check the reliability and performance monitor.

This feature In windows vista keeps a record of all past performance records and one can see when the problem started to have issues. One can accurately pinpoint the program or hardware that was installed when performance issues started happening. Disabling Windows Search indexer, vista aero interface, and vista sidebar will speed up your computers system performance. Those programs use up much of the system resources which slow down your computer. By doing some minor tune ups, one can improve the system performance and greatly enhance your computer experience.

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