Systematic Chaos by Dream Theater

My third Dream Theater review thus far. Well, I think it’s high time to talk about their 2007 album for once. This album has 8 tracks much like Octavarium and has the second longest epic In the Presence of Enemies, standing at 25 and a half minutes. I love this album but it does, believe it or not, have some of my least favorite Dream Theater songs to date.

Tracklist: 1 In The Presence Of Enemies Pt. 1, this part is only 9 minutes and heavy as a hammer. It also has the best keyboard/guitar clashings ever made in Progessive music. It sounds like a buzzing bee for some reason, I. Love. It. This contains Parts 1 and 2 out of 6. This isn’t the entire song though, they split it into two parts for some reason.

2, Forsaken, this is tied for the saddest Dream Theater song with Wither and The Bigger Picture. It starts out with this beautiful piano cord and then starts the heaviness. I can’t get through this song without at least feeling sad. It even has a music video to go with it. This is animated by the way. I love it.

3, Constant Motion, The most chaotic song on the album and on of the most amazing. I’m not sure if I put it in my top 25, If I didn’t it would be the unsaid number 4. This song has also appeared in Rock Band as a playable DLC. You can even play it side by side with Panic Attack, if that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is then. It is actually just as hard for everything. James LaBrie’s vocals are more aggressive here and you can here it too. It has a soft section but it doesn’t last long.

4, The Dark Eternal Night, the heaviest, and catchiest, song in the album and also ranks my 2nd favorite song of Dream Theater. Listen to the lyrics and it seems like LaBrie, Portnoy, and Petrucci are all singing this. Ooh Man, that’s awesome. The solos take forever despite being 9 minutes.

5, Repentance, the second to last of the twelve step suite. this is actually the slowest of them all. It basicly represents the feeling of emptiness and wrong doing. Half of the song is LaBrie’s side and the other half is some random monologue. I have learned to like this song overtime too. Though it is still my least favorite of the five. It is the slowest song on here but not the worst.

6, Prophets of War, I hate, hate, hate, HATE this song! This may be short, but that isn’t an excuse at all. This is the shortest song on the album and the worst by far, Standing at just over 6 minutes. GAAAAAAH! I can’t take this.

7, The Ministry Of Lost Souls, at least this is decent. It is longer and isn’t the best thing in the world but I can say that it is much better than the piece of poop that is the last track. It is 15 minutes exactly and is actually pretty sad. I do actually like this song and I wouldn’t mind being forced to listen to this. Though I can’t say this is Dream Theater. This and Prphets Of War needed to have been in Falling Into Infinity.

8, ItPoE Pt 2, this is the second part of Dream Theater’s In The Presence of Enemies. Following parts 3, 4, 5, and 6 this completes the great epic that I can’t say is my favorite epic easily. I love this song and if you think about it, the album only has 7 songs instead of 8. This also rivals The Dark Eternal Night in catchiness. It would just barely miss the 25 mark of favorites. No Matter. I will recommend checking this album. I honestly think this is one of their stronger albums. My next album review will be Woods 5 by Woods Of Ypres.


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