Systematic Theology

7 July 2017

An inclusive form referring to the human species, men and women. A impressive word, covering both male and female * Bible distinguishes between men and women in certain specific gender terms * Gender sensitivity uses:”humanity,” “human beings,” ” humankind,” or “persons. ” The Hebrew word for Adam is “man” * God did not choose to call the human race “woman” but “man”. Does it have any significance in male female relationship? Will discuss below . How did man originate? Varieties of views A. Atheistic Evolution : Theorizes the origin of matter and life apart from God.

Several billion years ago chemicals in the sea, acted on by sunlight and cosmic energy, formed themselves by hence into one or more single-celled organisms, which have since developed through beneficial mutations and natural selection into all living plants, animals, and people (Eerie, 199:195) Principles of Evolution 1) Planets and the earth resulted from a big bang explosion of compressed, rotating protons and neutrons. This continues to expand away from the original nucleus at fantastic speed (Eerie,198) 2) Lamarckian (1809), a French naturalist,.

Systematic Theology Essay Example

All vegetables, animals and man developed from certain original simple germ on earth (Hodge Volvo ii, 11). Lamarckian admitted God having created matter with its properties does nothing ore. Darwin built on Lamarckism theory in his Origin of Species.. 3) All other living organisms have developed from that first and subsequent simpler forms of life, 4) Mutations constitute the explanation for evolution: Mutations are sudden, small changes in the DNA code of genes, which are passed on to the offspring, causing them to differ from their parent’s 5) Natural selection is the system that preserves the changes caused by mutations.

Evolution Based on supposition; survival of the fittest; cannot account for the arrival of the first, the ingot of matter and life Mutations are rare and always harmful. Only one in one million fruit fly will develop a mutation. 2. No mutations have produced new species or even new organ or system an existing species 1 . The whale, the bird, the mosquito, man all derived from slow process of selection countless million of years?. . Life cannot form by chance: the probability of forming one protein molecule by chance is one in 10 243 Figure of 1 followed by 243 zeros. Bases of atheistic evolution: science and faith. Natural selection does not guarantee improvement B. Theistic Evolution. The Theory: God directed and controlled the process of naturalistic evolution throughout the million of years to create the world and all that is in it. The bases of theistic evolution: science and the Bible.

The scriptures teach that: God is the life-source, the originator and maintainer of all forms of life, and the one who created all to reproduce “after their kind. ” (Conner, 123). 1. God created man in his image from the dust of the earth and gave his own breath of life to man (Gene 1: 27; 2:7; “Image” refers to likeness, I. E. Mental; moral; social. Only humans are God’s image-bearers; not animals or plants

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