Systems And Theories Essay Research Paper Many

10 October 2017

Systems And Theories Essay, Research Paper

Many times we look to past decennaries in our lives or either in telecasting series with a nostalgic mentality. Looking to the yesteryear with a nostalgia mentality is non ever healthy for a individual. When a individual looks to another clip in a nostalgic manner people see things the manner that things used to be and this can impact the mentality they have on society today. When a individual has nostalgic mentality on life today they forget about a batch of facets of life that was non around 40 or fifty old ages ago, this can frequently bring forth antagonistic productive consequences. Often when a individual has a job they look to the yesteryear for the replies of today.

When a individual looks to the yesteryear they see how things use to be. Then one mass media has played an of import function in nostalgia. If you look back to the thirtiess like Coontzs does the major signifiers of mass media were non present during those old ages and were being better developed during the fiftiess. When a individual thinks of nostalgia they long for things to be the same manner they were in the past decennaries yet they are non. The mass media can hold a major consequence on events such as gender functions, domestic force, economic factor, etc. At the beginning of What We Truly Miss About The 1950s Coontz makes a statement about her female parent allowing her cheque out whatever she wanted from the library, but she could non image making this with her boy today. This can demo how the mass media has developed. Today there are merely non books but there is besides videotapes, Cadmiums, and DVDs. This makes information more easy accessible than it was in the 1950s and the besides a greater assortment of resources to be viewed. This helps to do screening of force, sex, disgusting linguistic communication more widely available for a younger audiences to see.

In some facets of the new mass media has become a baby-sitter for immature kid

ren after school. This can be seen as the younger coevals looking to telecasting series for a sense of nostalgia from the yesteryear. Young people see that past decennaries holding small or none of the modern twenty-four hours emphasis of today society. With a high divorce rate today many kids merely want to be portion of a household they may experience ne’er will exists and so they put themselves in the telecasting household to acquire a sense of what a existent household is. As preteens they see shows and films with people holding sex and screening that it is enjoyable and that a new organic structure bring joy and person new to love in their lives. When adolescents get pregnant it could be every bit much the parents’ mistakes than the teens’ mistake because they leave them place in forepart of the telecasting to watch whatever is on and in some instances do non pass any quality clip with their kids, so the kid or adolescent reaches out for person to care about and person to love. As Murray suggest in The Coming White Underclass there are punishments that should be taken towards the adolescents but many of the punishments should be taken toward the parents.

Mass media has become a voice in society today for many of the stalking issues such as domestic force is faced in our society. With the aid of mass media the message has gotten to adult females that it is all right to go forth the adult male that is assailing them. On an economic point of view the mass media has helped people cognize how to put and pass their money even with the past fright of the clang of the stock market in the ulterior 1930s.

Nostalgia has played an of import function in society today. Nostalgia is non ever healthy with for individual. With the development of mass media over the last 70 decennaries at that place has been a batch of alterations and penetrations that might hold aid a individual see things in a better visible radiation but besides has caused some yearning for the manner things use to be.

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