Systems Implementation Essay Research Paper SYSTEMS PROJECT

10 October 2017

Systems Implementation Essay, Research Paper

Systems Implementation Essay Research Paper SYSTEMS PROJECT Essay Example



Large Wheel Auto Insurance Company provides car insurance coverage for accredited drivers in the province of Indiana. The company? s headquarter is located in the metropolis of Speedway where it has two strategic concern units located at the metropoliss of Waterloo and Corydon. In all, BWAIC employs about 150 people with internal sections dwelling of the Policy, Claims, Payroll, Personnel, and Insurance Agents.

Presently, BWAIC insures 50,000 policyholders statewide. Last twelvemonth, BWAIC? s net net income was $ 875,000. With certain province ordinances, along with related socioeconomic impacts, the company expects an addition of new policies to subvention. Consequently, BWAIC is interested in positioning itself in the market where: 1 ) Internal exchange of information is efficient, 2 ) It improves its Customer Service, 3 ) Share information with external concern contacts.


To excite a vision within the company of taking the market in client service through an efficient information system and to use the most current engineerings at lowest possible cost.


Internal: An improved information procedure where concern applications provide intelligent solutions, secured informations, and improved communicating exchange between units and offices.

External: To supply an advantage over the market where the interactions between the company and its external concern environment produces client satisfaction. Consequently, this will hold a positive impact on client service where efficiency on the point of contact, through the life-time of the policy, is apparent.


Presently, BWAIC? s web apparatus doesn? T provide an efficient exchange of information between its cardinal sections. Each section utilizes their ain concern dealing system within a mainframe environment. This input-output procedure performs the processing of their concern minutess. The sections: Policy, Claims, Personnel, Payroll, Legal and Insurance Agents, have changing application demands. Likewise, they portion a common involvement? to accomplish the best client service possible. The Policy section has users that perform the administrative and proficient type of work as it relates to subventioning insurance policies. The Claims section has users that perform computations for the militias of claims. They review the possible liability costs involve in clients? claims. The Legal section relies to a great extent on an efficient exchange of information. The Personnel, Policy and Legal are information oriented sections. Claims and Payroll, on the other manus, relies to a great extent on accurate computations of financial informations. It is reported that the current databank is making its capacity. The current system is besides suppressing their client service where the turnaround to treat a claim takes about 90 yearss.

The strategic locations of the Business units besides contribute to the jobs of the current system. The mainframe system negatively impacts the company? s ability to make out to their clients. The Insurance Agents are limited to the office in footings of treating new clients. Under the mainframe system, the construction of the database is dearly-won to keep and support. Besides, it limits the company? s ability to intelligently treat their information and interchange them with their external concern environment.


There are a assortment of systems available in today? s market. Costss will depend on the company? s desire on long-run solutions. In today? s information environment BWAIC needs to place itself to vie with other insurance houses with an advantage of holding the best technological tools. An efficient system will bring forth satisfied clients and intelligent employees. This alteration in information civilization will let the company to use their resources more expeditiously where public presentation studies and external informations help the directors make intelligent concern determinations. It is without reserves that I recommend the undermentioned solutions for the BWAIC:


Planning of the anchor and the web foundation is critical to the success of this undertaking. It is recommended that a Client/Server web is implemented through a TCP/IP protocol. Each offices will run as Local Area Network ( LAN ) connected together as a Wide Area Network ( WAN ) . Each office and users will hold the ability to interchange information outright. This constellation will bring forth the best and secured environment for which powerful machines ( Server ) green goods and treat the information to the users ( Client ) of the information. The anchor ( Bandwidth ) have to back up the type of informations that will go between the offices and through the clients.

Each section will use their ain groupware that will treat their information. This information system will be accessible via distant entree to let mobility and flexibleness for directors to strategically place their resources and staff. To supplement this, it is recommended that an Intranet is put in topographic point so as to let information to external concern contacts and clients via Extranet. The Intranet solution will besides be the method that will enable E-Commerce activity and derive a market advantage

Conversion of the database to a Relational Database Management System is besides critical. The current database can non be shared with external information users. Likewise, it does non bring forth the type of information that produces intelligent studies for direction. The bing informations will necessitate to be converted to an SQL linguistic communication so that it can be processed and controlled by an Oracle Server. This transition will place the company to be supported for future technological growing and will hold the ability to command the awaited addition of informations.

Given the construction of BWAIC, it is recommended that the headquarter maintains and administrate a cardinal database. This will supply security and the least possible cost.

Client Side Information Processing

Since each section has different concern demands, it is critical that an extended survey be conducted as to how, what, when, where and why they will treat the information. Preliminary survey is as follows:

Policy? This section will necessitate a groupware that gives them entree to their policy database. This application will be web-enabled to let Mobile and rapid entree.

Claims and Payroll? These sections will necessitate a groupware that will give them the ability to do computations and have the control of stock list. The Claims section will use a web-enabled application that interfaces with the Policy information as to the position of policyholders. Payroll, on the other manus, will hold an application for their internal computation demands every bit good as supply a & # 8220 ; limited & # 8221 ; version to frontline supervisors for accurate coverage.

Insurance Agents? This section will hold the most nomadic demands. The will hold entree to Policy and underwriting information at their fingertips. Their web-based application will interface with the Internet signifiers that are produced as clients are solicited.

Legal? This section will derive an advantage over other houses by holding complete information. The trickle consequence of information efficiency throughout BWAIC will ensue in assurance on Claims adjustors and high degree directors.


An extended survey of the followers will be performed in able to bring forth a smooth passage to the new environment:

I. The anchor of the current system to place the size and cost-benefit of the proposed program

II. Each departmental demands and the behaviour of which they process information

III. The users as to how sophisticated their computing machine cognition to place the preparation demands and to measure how they will accommodate to the alteration ( impacts on the rollout )

IV. The resources of the company

V. Identify and compare with a company with a similar construction and research the success and the feasibleness the proposed system

VI. Develop a systems support program and develop a concern catastrophe program to retrieve the company should a calamity of loss informations occur

VII. Analyze the complete cost-benefit of the undertaking and explicate a proposal program to the President

This is to advise you with the 2nd stage of the Systems Re-Engineering Project which you have hired my services to execute an analysis on.

This stage involves the study and the planning of the relational database direction system for your company which was articulated in my undertaking proposal.

As mentioned, I extremely recommend re-structuring your bing current informations theoretical account, which does non bring forth efficient usage of the systems.

This survey of informations mold is critical to the success of the overall undertaking. Afterall, the chief plus of your company is its informations.

Attached, please happen the followers:

1 ) Entities/Legend

2 ) Context Data Model

3 ) Relational Data Diagram

4 ) Narrative

Please make non waver to reach me to set up a meeting sing this stage or on any concerns you might hold.


Undertaking Lead

Relational Data Diagram

Context Data Model

1. Agents & # 8211 ; An agent is assigned to many policies. This representative maintains the control of the policies and consequently, the policies these agents underwrite is straight assigned to the authorship agent.

2. Claims & # 8211 ; A peculiar claim is related to two cases in this theoretical account & # 8211 ; Estimate and Policy Holder. Under one claim, there can be multiple estimations as to a peculiar claim. It is besides the criterion that an estimation is incurred when a claim is filed, therefore doing the Estimate a dependent entity. As to the Policy Holder, a claim is dependent where it does non come to a fruition without holding a policy holder registering it.

3. Estimate & # 8211 ; This type of information is straight related to the activity of a claim. There is at least one estimation recordable to do a claim valid.

4. Invoice & # 8211 ; This type of information has a one to one relationship with a Policy. Likewise, a policy can non hold duplicative bill and vice-versa.

5. Policy & # 8211 ; This information is cardinal to the other entities. All of other entities are invalid without a Policy. Likewise, an invalid Policy digital audiotape

a will straight incur an invalid information for all associating entities.

6. Policy Holder & # 8211 ; A Policy Holder has relational informations with the Claims and Vehicle entities. This entity? s one to many relationship initiates most of the information activties. This entity can besides be considered as the cardinal entity.

7. Vehicle & # 8211 ; A vehicle has a one to one relationship with a policy. A vehicle can non hold multiple policies. Likewise, it? s possible for policy holder to hold zero to many vehicle under it? s policy.


This explains the Entities in a information theoretical account and it? s related informations.

1. Agents

a ) Name

B ) Number

degree Celsiuss ) Office Address

vitamin D ) Office City

vitamin E ) Office State

degree Fahrenheit ) Office Zip Code

g ) Office Phone Number

2. Claim

a ) Sum

B ) Date

degree Celsius ) Description

vitamin D ) Number

vitamin E ) Payment Sum

degree Fahrenheit ) Payment Date

g ) Payment Explanation

H ) Rejection ground

I ) Status

J ) Coverage Sum

K ) Coverage Code

cubic decimeter ) Coverage Description

m ) Date of Accident

N ) Date of Policy Cancellation

O ) Description of Accident

P ) Driver Street Address

Q ) Driver City

R ) Driver State

s ) Driver Zip Code

T ) Driver License Number

U ) Driver Name

V ) Driver Phone Number

3. Estimate

a ) Estimate Sum

B ) Estimate Company Name

degree Celsius ) Estimate Description

4. Bill

a ) Invoice Amount

B ) Invoice Amount Due

degree Celsius ) Invoice Date

vitamin D ) Invoice Date Due

vitamin E ) Invoice Number

degree Fahrenheit ) Payment Sum

g ) Payment Date

H ) Topographic point of Accident

5. Policy

a ) Effective day of the month

B ) Cancellation day of the month

degree Celsius ) Cancellation ground

vitamin D ) Effective day of the month

vitamin E ) Expiration informations

6. Policy Holder

a ) Street reference

B ) City

degree Celsius ) State

vitamin D ) Zip Code

vitamin E ) Birth day of the month

degree Fahrenheit ) Drivers License Number

g ) Employer

H ) Gender

I ) Home Phone figure

J ) Marital Status

K ) Name

cubic decimeter ) Number

m ) Occupation

N ) Work Phone Number

O ) Discount

P ) Policy Number

Q ) Policy Officer Badge figure

R ) Policy Officer name

s ) Policy Rejected Date

T ) Policy Rejected Reason

u ) Policy type

V ) Reason for cancellation

tungsten ) Time of Accident

7. Vehicle

a ) VIN figure

B ) Vehicle Type ( make + theoretical account + manner )

degree Celsius ) Weather conditions

vitamin D ) Particular coverage

Data Model Narrative

A Policy Holder and Policy are the cardinal information of the informations theoretical account. From these entities, come critical information to do the informations relationships valid. These entities are the parent of the information construction. Inputs and end products are generated from these entities. Consequently, the context of these entities must be analyzed exhaustively to avoid the inadvertence of of import information. The information survey of these two entities should besides ensue an extended survey of the technological terminal to place the most efficient, secured and controlled systems environment.

From the Policy Holder point of view, a one to many informations relationship is produced within Claims, Vehicle and Policy. The Claims, Vehicle and Policy have & # 8220 ; kids & # 8221 ; or subset entities associating to them. The Claims entity requires a one to may relationship to Estimates which is harmonizing to the company policy of claims. Likewise, a policy holder can hold one to many claims and zero to many vehicle for which to buy coverage for. A policy holder besides has a pick of a assortment of insurance coverages. This so creates a one to many relationship between the Policy Holder and Policy.

From the Policy point of view, a likely point that a policy produces is an Invoice. To command the indexing and proper history pattern, an execution of one to one is suggested.

An Agent is besides an identified dependant to a Policy information where a policy is handled by a peculiar agent. Obviously, an agent has the ability to bring forth many policies, therefore the relationship of one to many is implemented.

Our squad has completed the 3rd stage of the systems reconstructing undertaking. This stage covers the Information Process Modeling for your company. You will happen included in this memo: 1 ) Decomposition diagram, 2 ) Context Diagram and 3 ) Data flow diagram. The diagrams depict how your informations will be structured and their procedures.

The Decomposition diagram dissects your company? s information procedure into smaller subsystems, which farther are divided into subsystems. The Context diagram illustrates and outlines the system, it hopes to give you a range and boundaries for the system. The Data Flow diagram illustrates the full input and end product procedure. While the diagrams illustrates the procedure and the range of the undertaking, the narration will explicate the procedure in layperson? s footings.

Please make non waver to name me should you hold any inquiries, remarks or concerns.



This certification consists of three diagrams: the Decomposition diagram, the Context Diagram and the Data flow diagram. The Decomposition diagram, through its term, is self-explanatory. It decomposes a system into different subsystems so that it simplifies the procedure and updates the assorted minutess and informations. In our reappraisal, the Big Wheel systems is divided into two subsystems: Policy and Claims. This makes the undertaking less complicated for Big Wheel to place and treat the assorted claims related to matching policies. Policy and Claims subsystems are farther divided into four subsystems: Transaction Process, Management Process, Decision Process, and Data Maintenance. The Transaction Process, under Policy, is subdivided into Insurance Policy Application, Insurance Policy Payment, Insurance Policy Modification and Insurance Policy Cancellation. The Management study is divided into: item study, drumhead study, exception study and query study. The Detail Report has four divisions: policy maestro listing, invoice maestro listing, policyholder maestro listing, agent maestro listing. The drumhead study is broken into: policies by agent, bill by agent, policies by vehicle type. The exclusion study is broken into: policy bill past due, jilted policy application, and cancelled policy. The query study is divided into: policy question, bills for a policy, policy payment question, and policyholder question.

The Claim subsystems dealing procedure consists of informations from the Policyholder. Since direction coverage under Claims is limited, it consists of chiefly Claims studies and questions. Claims studies and questions are farther divided into: claim maestro listing, claim by policy, claim by vehicle type, rejected claim, claims without estimation, claims against a policy question, estimation for a claim question and claim payment question.

The Context Diagram besides is defined by its term. It consists of context of the full system. In our instance, the context diagram shows that Potential Policyholder or the applicant applies for a policy. Large Wheel accepts the application shops it and sends a petition to DMV for confirmation of the proprietor. Depending on the response of DMV, it accepts or declines the policy consequently. Similar types of petition sing accidents and other record of applier are sent to the Police section and harmonizing to their response, the policy coverage and credence are processed.

The information flow diagram is an expanded version of the context diagram. The information flow diagram illustrates how the information flow throughout the system, from the input and end product of the procedure. In our reappraisal, we identify three procedures: Application procedure, Policy alteration and cancellation procedure and the Claims procedure. The Application procedure is where the applications are processed through the confirmations from the DMV and the Police Department. The Policy alteration and cancellation consists of verifying if the policyholder and the policy. A refund or balance due is calculated and either a refund or an bill is sent to the policyholder and the policy is modified or cancelled. The Claims procedure is more involved as compared to the other two procedures. It consists of accepting a claim application, verifying it against the policy and so the processing of the claim. If the claim matches the coverage of the policy, so the claim is processed other wise it is rejected. If an accident is reported in the claim, the study is sent to the Police Department for their reappraisal. Should the policyholder be at mistake in the accident, so the claim is paid and the policy is updated to reflect an addition rate for the following bill.

# 4

The location connectivity diagram reflects the web construction to its basic signifier. The cardinal headquarter lodging the freshly created Information Systems section will keep and administer the overall web operations. As described, each location will be runing within its ain Local Area Network connected over the Wide Area Network. Each office will hold its ain chief waiters and hubs connected over a gigabit connexion. The connexion between a user and the waiter under the client-server environment will be connected on 10/100 M wiring. The anchor wiring the full WAN, for ensured velocity and uninterrupted informations flow, will be over an ATM ( Asynchronous Transfer Mode ) wiring. The Policy and Claims database for the full company will be on Oracle waiters located centrally. There will besides be an Oracle waiter dedicated for the Payroll section located at the Waterloo office. The cardinal database will be compatible to the Department of Vehicle? s database waiter. This will relieve any transmittal jobs caused by mutual exclusivenesss. In the headquarter office, there will be a Distant Server authenticating the nomadic Insurance Agents. There will be an Intranet environment to back up these telecommuters. Likewise the cardinal database will be compatible to the web enabled front-end application for which the agents will utilize.



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