T J Rodgers Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Question 1

How would you depict the direction manner of T. J. Rodgers? T. J. Rodgers direction manner is described as aggressive. strict and down right in your face. As CEO. Chief Executive of Cypress Semiconductor and writer of the book. “No Excuses Management” . Rodgers has developed an about fright inducing direction manner. On the wall of his San Jose. California office hangs a plaque that reads. “BE REALISTIC. DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE” which exemplifies precisely what Rodgers expects from his employees. Perfection! At Cypress he disregards anyone who engages in what he considers sloppy thought and no 1 is shielded from his wrath.

He’s known for what some employees refer to as his “drooling psycho face. ” which features pouching venas and narrowed eyes. followed by some fist buffeting and a bombardment of verbal whipping that leaves no uncertainty of his displeasure. Surprisingly honest about what he calls his punishment direction manner. Rodgers describes working at Cypress as “crawling through a boggy battleground. ” It is said that in the yesteryear. some employees complained about the long hours.

Rodgers got some old ground forces fingerstalls and pillows and placed them outside the bathrooms to remind them how easy they had it merely working 12 to 14 hr yearss as compared to when he and other company laminitiss used these fingerstalls in the early 1980s when some literally slept in the office. One thing remains certain nevertheless. no 1 has of all time accused Rodgers of holding a dual criterion. He holds himself merely every bit accountable as he holds his employees. At one point the CEO fell behind is his ain responsibilities and got his wage look into cut off. He later had to sell some of his Cypress stock to pay his measures.

Question 2

How suited is Rodgers’ attending to detail for a top degree director? “If everyone in our company made ordinary concern determinations in a commonsensible manner. we would be unstoppable. ” says Rodgers. “It turns out that really few people at our company or anyplace else make ordinary concern determinations in a commonsensible manner. Most companies don’t fail or deficiency of endowment or strategic vision. they fail or lack executing. ”

This is why Cypress direction systems track corporate. departmental and single public presentation so on a regular basis and pays so much attending to detail that no director. including himself can practicably claim to be in the dark sing any critical issues. The system that Rodgers and his top degree direction developed. gives them the capacity to supervise what’s go oning at all degrees of the organisation so to expect jobs or struggles and intervene when appropriate every bit good as to place the best patterns without making any bureaucratic ruddy tape that impedes determinations and depletes morale.

Cypress patterns a no surprises manner of life and emulates words such as subject. answerability and relentless attending to detail at every degree of the organisation. Top degree directors at Cypress disagree smartly on many things in their direction meetings but they disagree over substance and the best possible ways to do the most effectual determinations. which are the kernel of direction.

Question 3

How would you wish to work straight for T. J. Rodgers? Why? Working for T. J. Rogers could be seemed as inconducive for some people if they are non self motivated. Working for an employer who accepts nil less than flawlessness. force his employees to make significantly more than merely what is expected of them and would drive them to accept nil less than flawlessness from themselves. Another inducement that would actuate me to desire to work straight for such an employer is the fact that. at Cypress. net income sharing tied to corporate public presentation is distributed every bit among the employees and Rodgers gets no more than any of the company’s employees.

This to me would be a win win state of affairs because it would demo me that my employer portions the wealth alternatively of stashing it all among the top direction and other managers. Rodgers respects is boot camp direction regiment as a character edifice tool. As a member of the United States Marine Corps such a direction manner is an mundane manner of life for us Mariness. Keeping oneself accountable for 1s actions or deficiency thereof. is a direct contemplation on our leaders and or ain enterprise. Being mean or lone making what is expected is extremely frowned upon in the Marine Corps. The Marine who separates him or herself as a incentive and goes supra and beyond the call of responsibility is regarded as a good Marine and is later given more duties which provides greater occupation enrichment.

At Cypress. public presentation based compensation is a great tool for more efficient end product. In the Marine Corps nevertheless. a Marine may non ab initio be compensated monetarily for greater end product as they do at Cypress. but would see such compensation in footings of better pros and cons and or fitness studies. which in bend sets up the Marine for promotional chances every bit good as an addition in wage with each publicity. So in shutting. I wouldn’t mind working for T. J. Rodgers even with his boot cantonment direction manner because I already work in such an environment. I wouldn’t mind working straight for Rodgers besides because. he portions net income with corporate public presentation every bit between himself and all his employees.

Question 4:

What possible negative effects do you see ensuing from the enlisting and choice systems at Cypress? Cypress Semiconductor has an aggressive attack when hiring and believes that engaging is an indispensable foundation of any successful company. Cypress will do an interview “tough as hell” even when a campaigner is seen as being a good tantrum. The psychological science behind this is to do the occupation seem more desirable since it is highly hard to acquire in. The intense hiring procedure consists of 3 unit of ammunitions. The first assesses productiveness. proficient ability/skills and values. The 2nd buttockss ability to work under force per unit area in which several people ask the occupation campaigners proficient inquiries that they are improbable to be able to reply merely to see how they handle force per unit area.

This is referred to as the ‘pack of wolves’ session. The 3rd one consists of thorough mention checking. Rodgers believes that “If you hire the best. you become the best. During an economically thin clip. it is important to be really systematic and nonsubjective in your appraisal of campaigners you hire. reassign or promote” In his missive to Sister Doris Gormley. ( Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for The Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia ) dated May 23. 1996 ;

T. J. Rodgers responds to claims made by the Sister that Cypress should seek to “enrich the Board by seeking qualified adult females and members of racial minorities as nominees” . The claim made on Cypress Semiconductor was that its Board of Directors needed to include adult females and minorities in order for the company to look “moral” . Rodgers sought to sketch that his company hires members of the Board by 3 basic demands: Experience as a CEO of an of import engineering company

Direct expertness in the semiconducting material concern based on instruction & A ; direction Experience

Direct experience in the direction of a company that buys from he semiconducting material industry. He pointed out that his demands would give “a male who is 50-years asset. has a Masters Degree in technology scientific discipline and has moved up the managerial ladder to the top topographic point in one or more corporations” This is where Disparate Impact comes in. Disparate Impact has been defined by World Wide Web. businessdictionary. com as the inauspicious consequence of a criterion or pattern that is impersonal and non-discriminatory in its purpose but however affects persons holding a disablement or belonging to a peculiar group based on age. gender. ethnicity. race or sex. In drumhead. his choice procedure is to the full based on the nature of the occupation and does non know apart against adult females or minorities.

An attack such as this. while strict. can barely be viewed as being negative because the company is merely taking these steps to guarantee that they invest in the best. most suited individuals for the assorted occupation capacities. The company nevertheless falls short in one country ; one facet of the choice procedure involves the completion of a “career way questionnaire” . The aim of the questionnaire is to decode personality traits so as to find if a campaigner fits into the civilization of Cypress.

This procedure boundary lines on favoritism. in that. a campaigner may be denied a occupation offer because his personality on paper. and non in actuality. will supplant his academic makings and proficient accomplishments. A occupation study carried out on World Wide Web. jobsandcareer. com. to find employee reappraisals of the company garnered similar responses from a few employees when asked about the work civilization at Cypress. They inferred that working at Cypress can be a good experience so long as you find yourself with the right foreman or in the right group. One employee elaborated by stating that the best and safest manner to acquire by was to non be excessively different from your equals and higher-ups. Such patterns force persons into cultivating false personalities so as to suit and non lose their occupation.

This behaviour can take to tenseness. workplace emphasis. under motivated staff and later lower productiveness degrees. Additionally. people will hammer what is written on paper in countries of personality merely to acquire a occupation. It is unjust to judge personality on paper as this frequently times is non a true representation of an individual’s existent ego. A questionnaire does non cover existent life state of affairss. An article posted in the Harvard Business Review ( “No Excuses Management. ” July-August ’90 ) outlined some cardinal thoughts from Rodgers associating to questioning and hiring: 1. If you want occupation chances to cognize that you are serious. acquire your high-level executives involved in the interview procedure. At Cypress. all campaigners for exempt places interview with two frailty presidents.

2. Make interviews tough and technically demanding – even for people you know you want. 3. Interviews should take to elaborate appraisals of strengths and failings. non obscure feelings. We believe that if you do non happen any failings in a campaigner. you likely have non probed sufficiently. 4. Check for cultural tantrum. Most companies claim to make this. but few are really systematic. At Cypress. work attitudes and calling ends are probed through a questionnaire that requires brief but direct replies to open-ended inquiries. In shutting. based on grounds derived through research. the enlisting and choice procedure at Cypress Semiconductor is largely positive and is more straight geared towards happening the most suited campaigners for the occupation and less about favoritism.

Question 6

What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of “Killer Software” . Rodgers created “Killer Software” in the late eightiess from a blackboard to its current signifier on a web of computing machines. How it works is that. employees list all their current undertakings and ends. along with codifications that identify the day of the months that undertakings began. the original due day of the month and even a revised due day of the month merely in instance it slips behind agenda. The updated lists are loaded into a cardinal database hebdomadal and sent up to exceed direction and frailty presidents. On Wednesdays. Rodgers gets a print out of listings that include position of undertakings and the names of directors whose subsidiaries have a high figure of delinquent ends.

Take for illustration ; the buying section orders some merchandises from an outside provider and the order failed to run into the deadline and no account has been given as to why the merchandise is late. This is where the “Killer Software” would step in and close down all the computing machines systems in the buying section. For the system to come back online. section forces would hold to reach the provider to acquire a new bringing day of the month and insist that it be delivered on clip. They would so describe the result to their section head fiscal officer as to what advancement has been made to repair this peculiar job and so the computing machine system would be turned back on.

To foreigners. this may look as disadvantageous but Rodgers believes that the benefits gain from increased productiveness. far outweigh the cost of an occasional closure. He advocates that “Killer Software” is a critical tool for a concern so complicated as this. that any miner mistake can be ruinous if non dealt with on the topographic point. The inquiry as to whether this really works as an advantage is besides step by package. It was reported that within the first twelvemonth after the execution of “Killer Software” . Cypress’s records for on clip cargos to client. rose from 65 % to 90 % .

So in drumhead. I think that Rodgers’s purpose was to pull everyone’s attending as to oppugn what happened and what they can make so it ne’er happens once more. It keeps everyone on their toes and prevents them from slacking off on their responsibilities. So for Cypress. the advantages decidedly outweigh the disadvantages because as more merchandises are shipped and received on agenda. the more net incomes are generated and more valued clients retained.

Question 8

What recommendations do you hold for T. J. Rodgers as a director and a leader? T. J. Rodgers uses the term Laissez-Faire Capitalism a batch in his book and articles. Put merely. it is an economic system. Capitalism involves the ownership of single belongings and utilizing this belongings or capital to make goods and services to derive income and net income. The Gallic term. laissez-faire literally means “To Lashkar-e-Taiba people do as they wish” . Therefore. Individualistic Capitalism does non similar authorities intervention in their concern affairs. If nevertheless the authorities does acquire involved in concern affairs. they would prefer that it be kept to a lower limit.

There is no uncertainty that Rodgers is an bossy leader who feels the demand to hold single control over all the determination devising at Cypress. He and other managers dictate all the work methods and procedures used at Cypress. He takes small or no input from lower degree employees and seems to seldom swear them with determinations or of import undertakings. His slightly opprobrious and bossy leading manner is frequently viewed as bossy. commanding and dictatorial. which in bend leads to resentment among direction and employees

My recommendation to Rodgers as a director and leader would be to calculate out a manner to go more a “laissez-faire leader” and non so much an tyrant. He should let his employees to make their occupations as they wish. It is rather obvious from Cypress’s enlisting procedure that each employee has the accomplishment sets that are required to make the occupation they were hired to make.

The organisation has a assortment of tools. viz. . “Killer Software” which acts as a watchdog for delinquent or deficient public presentation. which should let him to loosen the reins and allow the systems he himself developed to make what they were created to make. Not many professionals like to hold their employers vibrating over them and if they do. I wouldn’t see such employees as professionals. So in shutting. if Rodgers redirected some of his alleged “laissez-faire capitalist” outlook in his direction manner and allowed his employees to be more originative. swear them to do determinations and adhere to some of their inputs. I think he would be a much better leader.

We expect more CEOs to concentrate on this in the hereafter.

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