T-Pain: Revolver

T-Pain, a rapper known for his reliance on Auto-Tune, brings a familiar, slow vibe to his new album, “Revolver.” Best known for his 2007 hit single, “Buy U a Drank,” T-Pain grew up in Florida and joined the rap group Nappy Headz in 2004. In 2005, he began riding solo, cutting his first tracks on “Rappa Ternt Sanga.” Six years later, his style hasn’t changed, aside from the addition of excessive Auto-Tuning and endless monotone lyrics. The songs on “Revolver” are similar to most of his previous work.

“Revolver” contains a few slower, sweeter songs. Very different from artists like Eminem, T-Pain bases all his lyrics on love, not hate. Even though these songs may be more appealing in an emotional sense, they grow extremely repetitive.

At the start, T-Pain includes heavier club tracks that are great for party-goers, while the middle and end of the album get more and more dry. It would have been better if he mixed the party tunes with the slower love songs.

Most of the tracks feature generic T-Pain qualities, including endless monotonous beats and the same robotic vocals. The album kicks off with “Bang Bang Pow Pow,” a great collaboration with Lil’ Wayne, who rarely disappoints. Here his style lights up the song and makes it pop.

The third track, “It’s Not You (It’s Me),” is a great party song and stands out on this painful album. It also features, Pitbull, one of the greatest Latino rappers of all time. He gives a spicy flavor to the song, making you want to jump up and dance. In the next few tracks, the album’s earlier potential drops. They’re basically T-Pain’s old style, twisting the lyrics around a bit and keeping the same slow instrumental beat. This kills the album and makes it very hard to listen to.

Instead of changing his style, T-Pain shows he does not want to move on. He is standing still while the rest of the world is moving around him. He mixes it up a little in “Best Love Song.” Chris Brown’s vocals add to the track, making it fun to listen to and sing along with. Overall, “Revolver” is bland, with a few fun songs to dance and sing to.

Two out of five stars.

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