T.S 1989 by Taylor Swift

10 October 2019

Taylor Swift is a name often heard in today’s soceity. Named Billboard’s Woman of the Year for the second time, winner of seven Grammys, and receiver of the honorable Dick Clarck award, Taylor just seems to be getting more and more successful. And it isn’t very different for her latest album, 1989.

The album was named so since Taylor was born in that year. The album cover itself is a polaroid, that Taylor took by accident and later decided to turn into the album cover. Interestingly enough, the album contains a packet of 13 polaroids also, which is a huge bonus for the fans, and something Taylor has never done before.

T.S 1989 by Taylor Swift Essay Example

1989 is her first recorded pop album – a giant leap from country music to pop. It includes her hit single ‘Shake it off’ and other songs like ‘Blank Space’, ‘Welcome to New York’ and ‘Out of the Woods’. Each song has its own rhythm and gives the listener the feeling of ‘good vibes’. As Taylor herself mentioned in the foreword of the booklet in the album,” These words were once about my life. Now they are about yours.” The listener really can relate to at least one song in the album, if not all.

What’s so different about the album? Well, new era, for starters. New genre. New theme. New haircut. New melodies. New beat. Amazing new wardrobe. Catchy lyrics, (It’s a new soundtrack, I could dance to this beat, forevermore. Works perfectly in this situation). The album includes songs you can dance to, or sing along with. Songs that encapsulate Taylor’s emotions, which is important for a singer/songwriter.

From catchy lyrics like ‘My ex-man brought his new girlfriend, she’s like “Oh my God”‘ to emotional and deep ones like “When I was drowning that’s when I could finally breathe”, this album does not disappoint the fans. According to Taylor, the fans feared she would stop writing sensible lyrics after the genre change. But Taylor delivers, as expected. The album has no flaws and is one that must be heard by everyone. And to those who don’t like it, well, “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.”

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