Tackling the Impossible with One Gallon and One Hour.

4 April 2019

Tackling the Impossible with One Gallon and One Hour.

All of us have heard of the white animal with black spots that produces milk. The milk from that animal was put into containers and is now the base of a well known challenge. The Gallon Challenge is when a group of friends attempt to drink a gallon of milk in one hour without throwing up. All that is needed for this challenge is a gallon of milk; the rules state that 2% is the only legal kind. The Gallon Challenge is something that may never be accomplished, although many teenagers still attempt to tackle this pointless objective.

Tackling the Impossible with One Gallon and One Hour. Essay Example

Preparing for the challenge is simple. Find a group of friends that are up for a challenge and don’t mind vomiting massive amounts, because in the end that is what happens to every contender. My friends Erik, Brian and Jonathan were talking about taking on the challenge one day and asked me to join. We went to the local grocery store and purchased the materials needed. When deciding where to do the challenge, I strongly recommend being outside. My reasoning will make more sense later. We did the challenge at my house, because there is an empty lot next door that we could all throw up in. The conclusion to the challenge is the same for everyone, excessive vomiting.

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The challenge itself is quit easy actually. The rules are quit simple too. Simply understand that the gallon of milk must be finished by the time the one hour time limit expires. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Some, like me, choose to drink it straight from the gallon. The only negative side of doing it this way is the look of the entire gallon is deceiving. Looking at the gallon is very intimidating. I thought to myself, “There is no possible way I can complete this task.” Others choose to pour the milk into cups and pace themselves. All of my friends and I chose the same method and all drank straight from the gallon. Another method is to set up thirty cups and drink one cup every two minutes. It’s a judgment call that must be made before starting.
Once the end nears all competitors begin to experience severe stomach pains. The pains I experienced were similar to those when I go to a buffet: stuffed and uncomfortable. Trust me, it does not feel good. It is usually humorous to see the facial expressions of those who are competing, and it is very comical listening to them describe how they feel. My friend Brian had milk all over his face but did not care. Erik was too worried about where he was going to throw up, and Jonathan was a chugging machine. The end of the gallon was now nearing, so we began chugging the milk as quickly as possible. Throwing up is the end for all participants. Whoever finishes the most milk is the champion, so continue to chug the milk until excessive vomiting occurs. Finishing the gallon gives one bragging rights, but blowing white chunks a few seconds after does not. Now that the sidewalk is covered in what looks like cottage cheese, compare gallons and see who drank the most milk. In my group of friends I finished third, and Brian and

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Jonathan tied. None of us knew what happened to Erik. We knew he was throwing up somewhere, we just did not know where.
The Gallon Challenge was fun and harmless; even though I lost my stomach contents. I personally had a lot of fun while doing the challenge and would recommend to anyone to try it even though it is considered impossible. I am going to do it again this summer and see if I can drink more than last time. My friends brag and say they are better than me, but it is time to win my bragging rights back. My feelings for milk are now changed forever, and cottage cheese just does not look the same.

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