Rather, the movement was fraught with ambiguity over who its leaders would be, how they would go about fighting the institution of slavery, and what the future would be like for black Americans. Some of the persisting goals of antislavery

But John Brown idea didn’t go exactly as planned… they took over the armory for about a week but in the end a lot of John Browns sons died during the “Raid On Harper’s Ferry”. Frederick Douglass’s felt very obliged

Hero = good guy, who did good things, and made life better for all of us. Lots of people (including me) say this. Things we mention to prove it include: 1. He set up the New Model Army which won

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By the time that the slave trade had been abolished in Britain and her colonies in 1807 eleven million men, women and children had been snatched from their homes. For historians understanding the factors that led to the abolition of

How does Ralph Waldo Emerson use self-reliance? How does it relate to Frederick Douglass’ Narrative? These are some interesting questions and they will be carefully reviewed. Emerson’s use of self-reliance may have many different interpretations for others that read it,

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