Effect of pH on Green Pea Germination Objective: To determine how pH affects the germination of green peas and to examine the degree of germination within each pH level. We will do this by using various buffer solutions (along with

Litmus, what is it? And why is it important? Litmus was first used around 1300 AD by Arnaldus de Villa Nova, a Spanish alchemist . The word Litmus, comes from the Norse word, meaning ‘to dye, or color’ . Litmus

Introduction: In this lab, we measured the acid-base strengths of seven separate organic compounds. The lab was painless to perform, it consisted of adding a small amount of one of the organic compounds to a well, and testing the pH

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Chapter I Background of the Study Chemical compounds can be classified as acidic, basic, or neutral substances based on several conditions. One factor considered is the color reaction which can be observed through the use of indicators. An indicator is

Abstract Acid Rain has a lot of effects on living organisms and on the environment. This experiment has two purposes. One is to determine the acidity of rainwater in certain areas in the Philippines. Another purpose is to determine which

The Br–Br bond becomes polarized and the more positively charged Br atom is transferred to the alkene to yield a bromonium ion and a bromonium anion. The bromonium anion attacks a carbon atom to open the three-membered ring and produce

An acid-base titration is a procedure used in quantitative chemical analysis to determine the concentration of either an acid or a base. Titration is the slow addition of an acid (or a base) of known concentration from a burette (a

Usually contain 24-28 carbon atoms with long chain primary alcohol containing 16-36 carbon atoms or with alcohol of the steroid group. Waxes are non crystalline. Example: Bees wax, Carnauba wax, opal wax. Etc. Properties of oil: 1. At room temperature

Describe and explain the findings of the vegetation quadrats along a transect on Studland sand dunes. Figure 1 Figure 1 The results of the vegetation quadrats along a transect on Studland sand dunes showed that the amount of vegetation increased

Basic oleochemicals are fatty acids, fatty alcohols, methyl esters and glycerine (Figure 1). RAW MATERIALS FOR BASIC OLEOCHEMICALS The worldwide production and consumption of fats and oils are shown in Figure 2. Although only 14% of the total production of

Many lab experiments require constant pH while acids or bases are added to solutions either by reaction or by the experimenter, buffers are required to do this (Timberlake 2010). Chemists use buffers to balance the pH of a reaction. Biology

The products of cracking contained unsaturated (hydrocarbons) / alkenes / C=C / ethane / reasonable name of alkene, which decolourised the bromine water immediately by addition reaction (2) (II) The student then dropped more bromine water into the boiling tube

Electrophoresis is a separation technique based on the movement of charged ions under the influence of an electrical field. This technique is primarily used for the separation of amino acids and peptides on the basis of their charge. All amino

In the experiment preformed the objective is to titrate a weak acid with a strong base. In a titration of a weak acid with a strong base the titrant is the strong base and the analyte is a weak acid.

Curiosity and the willingness to come up with a unique substitute for chemical-based bleaches is the main reason of the researchers. They found out that instead of making it to juice and eating the calamansi, kamias, and tomato. It can

Air pollution causes acid rains. Power plants and other industries generate airborne acids and pollutants, which combine with the rainfall. If the pH value of rain or snow or fog is less than 5.6, it is termed acid rain. Acid

The permeability of a cell to solutes in an aqueous medium depends upon the physical and chemical make–up of the membrane. The maintenance of the living cell depends upon the continued presence and functioning of a selectively permeable membrane. If

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