This paper aims at addressing some of the controversies about passive and active euthanasia and their effect in the world of philosophy and dignity for human life. Beside that, the paper aims at analyzing philosophical, religion belief and their effect

By 400 B.C., the word euthanasia insidiously began to raise questions in peoples’ mind when doctors do swear that they shall not administer drugs to anyone to connive with death expectation. The aspect concerned in the Hippocratic Oaths goes does

There are a multitude of situations where active and empathetic listening strategies can be applied in order to improve mutual understanding and respect, such as in interviews, business meetings, hostage negotiations, personal disputes, as well as in therapy.  In order

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Euthanasia is the act of ending another person’s life, either with or without their consent or assistance, performed generally in order to end one’s suffering.  It manifests in two main forms; “active euthanasia” is the act of directly causing someone’s

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