The medical record is a tool for collecting, storing, and processing patient information. Records are being used daily for a multitude of purposes, including: providing a means of communication between the physician and the other members of the healthcare team

Myocardial infarction is a serious medical emergency need directly intervention and consider one of the major cause of death and disability worldwide. (Lauer, Blackstone, Young, & Topol, 1999 p 618-620? ). It is define as closed in a main coronary

An acute response of the musculoskeletal system during exercise includes an increase in blood supply. The short term effects on your muscles increases the temperature therefore there is more activation energy so chemical reactions are used by the musculoskeletal system

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The Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome or ARDS is a major lung injury characterized by modifications in both lungs and comprises dispersion of epithelial cell injury with increased permeability of the alveolar-capillary membrane (Porth 715). It is often mistaken as an

The pulmonary embolism—blockage of pulmonary arteries form blood clots (emboli) that usually originates within the veins of the legs (or deep vein thrombosis) and are usually symptomless yet deadly.  In acute pulmonary embolism, the obstruction of the arteries is undoubtedly

Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), which is known as acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It is a kind of cancer which initiates from white blood cells in the bone marrow which is the soft inner part of the bones called lymphocytes. In some

The research was conducted for the reason that the researcher wanted to inform the audience on the effects of nuts ingestion to the plasma level of nutrients, polyphenols and biomarkers of antioxidant status.  Pecan nuts and walnuts are very popular

Acute coronary syndrome (ACS), also known as unstable angina or myocardial infarction, a fundamental origin of illness as well as untimely death and is also a frequent reason for infirmary admission, is primarily identified to result from sudden fluctuation of

The patient was a male of 89 years old. He had a urostomy twenty years ago. The patient presented with a urinary tract infection. He also had leukocytosis and hyperkalemia. His glucose level was at 198, Sodium; 139, Magnesium: 2.2,

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