Southwest Airlines has been making changes over the past few years that helped them become the largest low-cost carrier in the United States. Most other airlines have been struggling to make it through this economy, but Southwest has found a

The U.S department of justice has the responsibility of enforcing the Federal laws, controlling and preventing crimes, and protecting national interests in legal matters. According to Dowler (2002), the department was created in the year 1870, under the direction of

Critical review of work on public management methodologies & techniques & policy formulation & implementation. The purpose of this research is to review the book by Nicholas Henry, entitled Public Administration and Public Affairs (1995). This review will analyze the

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A study of the transition of sexual diseases in the third world. This paper examines the incidents of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in developing countries. It discusses the types of illnesses HIV, HPV, AIDS and others. The paper looks at

A comparison of the restrictions of gays in the American army to the previous restriction of women in the army. This paper examines the present restrictions that forbids gays from enlisting in the U.S. army. It compares this stance with

Reviews work on content & processes of govt. policy-making, interest groups, issue selection, Congress. This research reviews the book by B. Guy Peters, entitled American Public Policy: Promise and Performance (1993). The underlying themes of the work will be discussed

An insight into public budgeting in the U.S. This paper argues whether public budgeting is “nothing but a political process that connects the various political and influential figures in the government who decide what kind of budget the people should

Examines the history, changing goals, criticism, powers, reform, accomplishments and the future. Introduction The federal government has several agencies dedicated to protecting the rights and welfare of workers; some of these agencies protect wages and salaries while others investigate unfair

Retirement program options, health & long-term care provisions, innovations (life-balance benefits, incentives), examples. Compensation and benefits are two of the major considerations that potential employees take into account when they decide whether to accept employment, or how long to stay

This paper details the on-going conflict in Los Angeles between the MTA and the buses’ transportation authority. This paper examines the problem of public transportation in the Los Angeles area specificially the MTA (Metropolitan Transportaion Authority) and its support for

A comparison of the drug policies of France and the Netherlands. This paper compares the lax tolerance of the Netherlands on drug policies to the staunch approach taken by the French government. It gives a history of the laws in

Examines theories & practical considerations in formulation of public policy: state & federal rights, example (environmental policy), social & economic costs & benefits. METHODOLOGY IN POLICY ANALYSIS Introduction This research reviews factors that are included in policy analyses. These factors,

A discussion on the way in which community policing allows individuals to play an active role in identifying problems in their community and in working together with police officers, with a focus on addressing problems related to Al Qaeda. The

A focus on the uninsured population in the State of Maryland. This paper examines the problem of the uninsured in the State of Maryland with a critical eye on the total health care delivery system, its components, and how the

Examined in terms of theory, process & types of, benefits & drawbacks, economics, public’s needs and accountability. Focusing on potential privatizing of Chicago’s fire department. ABSTRACT This research examined the potential effects that the privatization of the City of Chicago

A paper reviewing the disaster plan for the community of Queens, New York. The paper reviews the disaster plan put out by Queens, N.Y. It shows that awareness about the importance of Community Disaster plans is on the rise and

A paper which studies the difficulties facing the Chicago Transit Authority following the introduction of Automated Payment Systems and a possible solution. The Chicago Transit Authority has in the recent past completely abolished all non-electronic forms of payment for travel.

An analysis of varying models of presidency leadership. This paper details political time, secular time and the modern presidency theory in attempts to understand power and authority in executive leadership. The paper shows that a combination of the political time

An examination of various factors which influence internal American policies. This paper discusses the factors which effect U.S. domestic policy making. This decision making process is coordinated with the Domestic Policy Council (DPC). The writer examines the important role of

This paper examines how an organization can handle a crisis. The steps an organization takes during a crisis will determine how they come out of it. This paper lays out how an organization can effectively deal with crisis to prevent

This paper is an in-depth examination on childcare in America today. This paper examines how the individualists point of view in American society effects childcare today in terms of public funding and available quality care. It illustrates how other western

This paper explains how the United States’ nuclear power program failed. This paper explains the reasons behind the halt in nuclear power plant construction in the United States. Factors in the decline of nuclear power plants include raising costs, disposal

A discussion of the future of health care in the St. Louis area of the U.S. This paper uses the St. Louis area as an example of an area typical to the U.S. that calls for an improved health care

Examined in terms of origins, provisions, background, worker protection, litigation, need for reform, weaknesses, penalties, inspections and enforcement. The OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) Act of 1970 empowered the Secretary of Labor and OSHA (Occupation Health and Safety Administration), the

Detailed case study of the department of national defense in Canada. This paper presents a case study of Canada’s Department of National Defense and reviews the strategic direction and structural organization of the department as well as its history and

A study on the process of administering the law in the twenty-first century by comparing the concepts of Joachim Friedrich, Herman Finer and Max Weber. This paper compares the concepts of Joachim Friedrich, Herman Finer and Max Weber on the

This paper examines the role of government in the U.S. transportation industry. This paper examines how deregulation has affected the American airlines industry, what brought about the current legal situation, and whether it is the best possible way in which

This paper outlines the present campaign finance reform bills discussed in Congress. This paper examines the history of campaign finance and campaign finance reform for elected officials in the U.S. It discusses the main issues in the debate including corruption,

Federal budget process applied to EPA. Proposed 1997 budget, focusing on need for & cost of toxic site cleanup, liability, remediation decisions, impact of budgetary constraints. This research analyzes the federal budget process as that process applies to the Environmental

A detailed discussion of the controversial proposed School Voucher program. This study was designed to determine whether a school voucher program is really what the public desires or if changes in education are desired regardless of where the education occurs.

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