A well-documented paper describing how public relations fits into the corporate and political world. This paper deals with how public relations has become an integral part of most successful corporate entities and how and why these corporate and political entities

This business plan is an analysis of the electric toothbrush market in the United States that is used to develop a plan to market a new electric toothbrush in China. This business plan then analyses the Chinese markets in order

This paper uses the book, “Negative Political Advertising: Coming of Age” as a basis for a discussion on how negative political advertising has become a part of the campaigning process and how it will continue to be so in the

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A rhetorical analysis of an advertisement for Mont Blanc watches in GQ magazine. The paper analyzes the Mont Blanc advertisement for its watches in GQ magazine and shows that it is quite obviously directed at young males who regularly read

A paper which explores the extent of the media’s role on Americans’ eating habits.A paper which explores how the media contributes to the bad eating habits of the American people. It examines issues such as advertising, projection of the “cool”

This is a persuasive paper detailing the effects of tobacco advertising on the public, primarily youths under the legal smoking age. This paper argues in favor of the restriction of tobacco advertising that targets youths under the legal smoking age.

This paper examines the arguments and findings of three articles that explain how the use of accents perpetuate stereotypes . These articles are: “Teaching Children How to Discriminate”: “What We Learn From the Big Bad Wolf”; “Hillbillies, Rednecks and Southern

A study of prejudice perpetuated by the media. The paper studies the role that the media plays in perpetuating prejudice. It looks at the prejudice prevalent in the marketing strategies of television and then moves on to suggestions for improving

This paper examines the engineering, design, and performance of two cars The enclosed report titled A Comparison of the 2001 BMW M3 Versus the 2002 Mercedes-Benz C32 AMG: Their engineering, design, and performance, is submitted in accordance with the request

Examines components of effective ads (source, message, channel, receiver), subliminal ads and examples. Introduction Advertising is one of the most important tools in the marketing mix, and it is the one tool which can raise questions about a company’s ethics.

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