In the late nineteenth century, twenty years after the Homestead Act, farmers used their land in the western plains to produce both crops and profits. The farmers of this time struggled in the agricultural way of life by facing economic

An agricultural subsidy can be defined as a grant offered to farmers for their products. These subsidies are provided in order to add-on to farmers incomes, to control the costs of agricultural products in the market and to regulate supply

This essay discusses the reasons why the growing and production of hemp should be legalized in the United Sates. This paper discusses the illogical nature of the Unites States? ban on hemp. The author presents many examples of the practical

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This paper examines how the advent of agriculture stopped the evolutionary progression of our bodies and at the same time created a new means to destroy them. The following paper discusses the revolutionary transition from hunting and gathering to food

A short study of the Borna Virus and the effects it has on our livestock. This paper looks at the Borna Virus. The author discusses the effects that this virus has had our livestock today. He further explores some of

A history of the cultivation of Artemia culture. An insight into the history of Artemia cultivation (shrimp production) including an explanation of different types and analysis of the ideal conditions for their breeding. “Prior to 1950 mariculture involved trapping baby

An argumentative paper about the necessity of recycling for the future. This paper takes a look at the benefits and requirements of recycling. The author argues that recycling is a necessity for the preservation of resources. The paper include an

A discussion of how fires are started and the best course of prevention. This paper analyzes how forest fires are started, who is the most affected by them, how they may be prevented and whose responsibility it is for preventing

Use & effectiveness of satellite technology in development of modern agricultural techniques. This research examines the impact of global positioning systems (GPSs) on precision farming. In the discussions that follow both GPS and precision farming are defined, non-agricultural applications of

A discussion of the implications for the future of forest management on NIPF (Non-Industrial Private Forest) lands. This paper analyzes the issues surrounding timber supply in Southern U.S.A. The paper illustrates factors which contribute to timber supply, such as environmental

An analysis of how free trade in Nicaragua would improve the lives of coffee farmers. This paper examines the potential financial and social benefits that free trade would have on Nicaragua’s coffee bean farmers. The paper shows that free trade

This paper examines the winemaking process from ancient times to modern day. The purpose of this paper is to examine ancient and modern winemaking techniques. Just as the social significance of wine has remained fairly unchanged over the years, so

An examination of the sand dunes in North Carolina. This paper presents an analysis of North Carolina ‘s erosion of sand dunes. The author examines the causes and solutions to the problem and provides a brief overview of how sand

Positive impact of trade agreements on global exports of U.S. vegetables, meat & dairy products. NAFTA AND UNITED STATES AGRICULTURE Introduction This research examines the effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on agricultural industries in the United

A look at the growing population and what this means for world food supply. This paper analyzes the food supply available in the world and compares it to the rapidly growing world population. The author examines world food distribution and

A look at the buying practices and technical information about the vegetable business with a focus on tomatoes. This paper contains information on the history of tomatoes, buying practices, ways to grow the tomatoes, statistical information, prices, and charts are

This paper examines the process of Photosynthesis according to the laws of physics, chemistry and biology. This paper examines the process of Photosynthesis according to the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology. “Once upon a time, people believed that the

This paper examines how the toxicity of various environmental pollutants affect bees as pollinators. This paper examines the effects of environmental pollution on pollinators, specifically the honeybee, and how this organism can be used as an indicator of environmental health.

An examination of the erupting soil depletion issue and possible solutions. Soil is an incredibly important resource and maintaining the fertility of our soils is a pressing issue at the forefront of environmental science as we try to feed an

Examines materialist & environmentalist theories on history & development of world agriculture. Theories on the evolution of agriculture are numerous and contradictory. These theories fall into two main categories. The materialist theories have Marxist economic theory as the reason for

A discussion on the American agriculture industry by focusing on cranberry growing. This paper discusses the American agriculture industry in general, and the cranberry growing sector in particular. The author explains how cranberry growing affects other agricultural and non-agricultural areas

A discussion about the possibility of converting food into fuel. The technology of converting of food into fuel (bio fuel) is examined in this paper. The chemical process is explained and the various forms of food that could possibly be

An examination of the arguments of conservationists and of loggers regarding logging in national forests. This paper analyzes the issue of logging in national forests. It outlines the topics raised by the conservationists that logging should be banned, and by

Explains the effects of genetically modified crops. This is a detailed descriptive, persuasive paper about the effects of genetically modified crops. The author discusses genetic engineering and clearly defines many difficult biological terms, and how the Food and Drug Administration

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